Fall in Love with a Host of New Quick Service Restaurants at Disney Springs


Heading to the most magical place on earth this holiday season? Besides the parks, Walt Disney World has so much to offer from entertainment to shopping to dining. All of which are always on the top of my list when I head to Orlando and my favorite place is to go is Disney Springs.

For the longest, when we headed to Disney, I always stopped to grab a bite at Earl of Sandwich. I mean you couldn’t go wrong with a Turkey Club, chips and the best oatmeal cookie that I have ever tasted. But to my delight, over the past few years, Disney Springs has reinvented itself and continues to ask its guests to “Pardon our Pixie Dust,” as they make the area your one stop destination for food, food, fashion done the Disney way.

Today, I am talking about my favorite 4 new Disney eats. And if you are on the Disney Dining Plan, then these are all Quick-Service options. So, let’s get started.

I am a self proclaimed connoisseur of chicken fingers…really of all food. LOL. So when I rounded the corner to see Chicken Guy, I was more than ecstatic. Wait? A restaurant by one of my favorite tv personalities who travels the world doing what I want to do – eating. Who doesn’t like seeing Guy Fieri traveling our great land and tasting some of the best food at local eateries. Now I get to eat some great chicken fingers with stellar french fries and dip then in any of the 22 amazing sauces. (Of course, ranch and the bourbon bar-be-que are my favorites so far.) 

“I am a self proclaimed connoisseur of chicken fingers…really of all food! LOL.” 

– Me
Next up is the 4 Rivers Cantina Barbacoa Food Truck! This was by far the best of taco I have ever had! Their chicken tacos and pumpkin spice churro balls are a must have. I ate there at least 3 times during my week stay. And if I could get on a magic carpet, I would fly by right now. They have this taco cone that looks monster but I want to try it so. 

D-Luxe Burger was D-lish! Well, the burger was on point. Honestly, I can pass on the fries but you do get plenty and they come with a myriad of dipping sauces that work well on the fresh-cut fries.  But I will be headed back there for another classic cheeseburger and may try one of the other D-Luxe burgers like the Southern that has pimento cheese. 
These were just to cute to pass up. The 3 Little Pig Trio from B.B. Wolf’s Sausage Co. was  creative and fun. You get a sampling of 3 All Beef Hot Dogs – an Italian, Latin and Greek. I will be getting a Latin dog on my next go round. 

Finally, I did also taste The Polite Pig which is a modern BBQ joint. I didn’t capture a photo before I ate my ribs up. It wasn’t like eating BBQ at home but it gave this southern girl a hint of good home grilling. 

So tell me what your favorite Disney Springs spot is or what are you looking forward to trying on your next vacay. Leave a comment below or hit me up on insta and like the Disney Springs photo and leave a comment. 

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Distinctly Me with a Hint of Trendy Fall Fashion 2018

With fall upon us, every style mag is showcasing the latest trends for the upcoming season. Animal prints, pleats, plaids, faux fur, faux leather, reds, rusts, blanket scarves, utilitarian jumpsuits – the list goes on and on. But we all know many of the looks we see in fashion magazines and on the runway aren’t made for e-ver-y-bo-dy! 

Trying to figure out which trend to incorporate into your wardrobe can be mind-blowing. The good news is you don’t need to because you can infuse a few of your favs into your daily look and be just as stylish. Plus you probably already have some trend-inspired gear in your closet which saves some coins in the long run.  Win-win!

So before I headed to the mall or perused my favorite retail site for fall fashion, I shopped my closet to see what looks I could put together that are distinctly me with a hint of trendy. Check out my looks below for some style ‘inspo.’

Pleats: Sophisticated Bad Girl 


I love pleats! They make any look feminine and carefree. But pairing this pleated midi skirt in sleek black with a tailored plaid jacket elevated this look to sophisticated bad girl. Add a cropped t-shirt, striped neckerchief bracelet and faux leather beaded beret, I am ready for brunch with the girls. 

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You Can Start Again: Happy Blogiversary!


Every anniversary is an opportunity to celebrate and reflect. Celebrate another year. Celebrate the fact that you made it through. It’s a time to reflect. Reflect on what you did and how you did it.  It’s also an opportunity to hit the reset button and make new commitments. So I am doing just that. I am making a commitment to do the things that make me happy.  And although I haven’t had the time to blog in a long while, blogging for  me is like catching up with a dear old friend after years apart. In this case, that friend is me.

For awhile now, I have had a itch in my spirit that was calling me back. Back to what you ask. Back to me. And when I say me, I mean to what makes me ‘me.’ My essence, my core, my passion, my calling. Well you get the point. That thing that makes you happy. That thing that you believe is the reason God put you on this earth. For me, that is to be a storyteller. I was meant to weave tales of triumph and truth, to share words of wisdom, to offer tips and techniques that inspire you to dress your best self and live your best life.  If I can do this, then I have accomplished what I sat out to do.

So I am excited to begin again on this day. Four years after I first started Sizable Chic, I am here putting fingertip to keys on my BLOGIVERSARY. The funny thing is I did’t even realize it was my blogiversary until WordPress told me so when I logged in tonight.

Tell me how you are starting again? What’s your calling? What makes you happy?
I would love to hear from you. Comment below or connect on Insta!

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Fresh Squeezed: Feeling fresh and perky in my Eva Mendes dress

Each time I wear this dress, I get plenty of compliments. I’ve worn it to work and it makes me feel so feminine and empowered. I call it my June Cleaver dress because it reminds me of the character on Leave it to Beaver. The wise, sophisticated homemaker that did it all while looking fierce. It looks dainty and demure, pretty and polished. The fitted bodice and the full skirt is a signature look of the Eva Mendes collection at New York and Company. Eva has said herself that she loves old hollywood glam and this dress showcases that love perfectly.  I fell in love at first sight. Each time I see it, it makes me think of a famous saying…

pic with yellow logo

“When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” Everyone knows this old adage and if you didn’t, Beyonce spelled it out for you last night.


Felicity Dress- Lemon Print – Eva Mendes Collection: New York and Company 

Cece Italian-Made Ballet Flats in Suede – J Crew (last season)

So do you like the Eva Mendes Collection? What are your fav pieces this season? Do you have any lemon gear? Show me your style. Follow me on Instagram.

Till Next Time –

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Spring’s Must Haves

Spring's Must Haves.jpg

Welcome to Spring. Time to renew…restore…rejuvenate your mind, your body, your soul and of course your wardrobe. But where do you start? All those warm weather clothes are hogging your closet and your dresser drawers runneth over. You don’t have anywhere to put your latest trends. Add these hot looks to your collection.




Photo Courtesy of The Limited

So while Spring offers us so much sunshine and warmer temps, we still have some chilly days ahead. Why not fight off the cool weather in style. This classic coat adds instant style to any look. And you can find it in lighter fabrics, rainbow colors and amazing patterns. Wear it belted or leave it open. Tie a scarf on or go without. Push up the sleeves or roll them up. Wear it as a coat or even as a dress. Your options are endless.





Photo Courtesy of Macy’s

This style is everywhere this season. Flats, heels and even gladiator sandals are all getting laced-up. It adds a little spice to any look. And it doesn’t end with your footwear. Dresses and blouses are joining in as well adding a little retro flare to your wardrobe. Maybe its time to spring clean.




Photo Courtesy of Eloquii 

So I wasn’t always a denim fan. Actually, I owned 1 pair when I first went to work in the corporate world. But I slowly started accumulating more and more with Casual Fridays. But now,  they are way more than a casual day staple. Denim is everywhere and this jumpsuit is just one of the ways denim is everywhere this season. From your purse to your shoes, your skirt to your blouse, denim is in with a vengeance. (And check out her shoes. I told you! :-))

These are just a few of the trends this season. There are so many more and I can’t wait to discuss them with you in upcoming posts. And of course, I am looking forward to showing off my finds and hearing about the items you have scored. Send me your pics and tell me what you think of the latest trends.

But first, I have to get started with spring-cleaning and store my big bulky clothes until next winter. Do you have any tips to share on how to clean your closet and make room for all the hottest trends? Check out my post here on some tips.

Till Next Time,

Sizable Chic 


Spring-Cleaning: Making Room for the Latest Trends

Makespace 1.jpgIt’s amazing how much stuff one person collects over a lifetime…over a season for that matter. Because I love the ever-changing world of fashion, I admit I do like to shop and stay current on trends. I try to add just a few key pieces each season. Actually, check out some of the hottest trends for Spring here. And most of the time, they last year-in and year-out. So I have to have somewhere to keep them all.

Here’s a few of my tips on how to get your wardrobe in shape for the new season.

  1. Remove all Winter apparel from the closet.
  2. If you haven’t worn something in several years, decide if you really want it.
  3. Try  it own. Does it fit? Will you wear it again? Would it look better on someone else?
  4. Make several piles or use bins or trash bags to label them as follows: Keep…Discard… Donate…
  5. Start sorting in each category.

Once you have done this, then it is time to pack up the things you want to keep. For me, that means using some of those storage bags that you suck the air out of and using storage bins. I sort them into Dresses, Bottoms-Pants and Skirts, Tops and label each bin. Don’t forget to add cedar to each bin to keep your clothing fresh and free of moths.

If you don’t have the space to store your bins in your closet, you can try this great concept from the company Makespace. They will come and pick up your clothes or other belongings and store them for a fee. Check them out and see if this is right for you. For now, it is available in select cities only.


After you have purged and packed up your wears, now it is time to head on down to your local charity and donate the other items. I love giving to the Salvation Army or Jessie’s Place.  And if you want to make a few extra bucks, try selling your items in consignment stores or even online at such places like Ebay Valet or ThreadUp. You can even try out brick and mortar places that will pay cash on the spot like Style Encore.

So tell me how your spring-cleaning is going. Do you have any tips to share about getting your wardrobe in shape this season? Leave a comment.

Thanks for reading!

Until next time,

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Cast A Spell: Last Minute Halloween Look

Ghouls and goblins…witches and fairies, it is time to celebrate the spookiest day of the year! I will admit, I am not a big Halloween person but I do love the costumes and the candy and I like a good party. So when the Fairmont Hotels – San Francisco contacted me and asked me to give my take on Halloween fashion, i didn’t hesitate to take the challenge. Sadly, I am not in Cali so I will not get to take part in what is called the biggest Halloween blowout around, but since I am a fan of the Fairmont Hotels, I said why not!

I decided to look in my closet for a quick get-up and I had just the look in mind – ALL BLACK!  But I needed something else. So I went to Youtube and Pinterest and found some great photos of creative yet easy makeup tips to turn any look from drab to fab. I was torn between a cute feline, a skeleton and spider webs.

Check out my look below to see who I became…


And like that, I went from drab to fab. Seriously, it took about 1 hour to get my spider and the web just right. While you can find great tutorials out there, I simply found the picture I liked and embellished.  All you need to create this look is

1.  black eyeliner (Perfect for all of the lines and of course the spider)

2. black mascara (Great for accenting your eyes.)

3. eyeshadow (use what colors you like. I went with silver and white to add more depth.)

I am sure you have some black on your closet and can pull together a look in a matter of minutes. I chose a black sheer duster from Ashley Stewart, a black tank and black leggings. And to top it off, I picked the hat up from the Dollar Tree after work today, along with the makeup.
I spent a grand total of $5.00.

So dust off your wings, sharpen your fangs, let’s make it a thriller. And if you are ever looking for a great hotel to stay at that is luxurious and sophisticated and fun and relaxing wrapped into one, check out a Fairmont Hotel.

I would love to see your chic Halloween looks. Connect with me on Instagram. Tag me at @sizablechic.

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Magic City Sip & Shop: October 28, 2015

Disclosure: I have been asked to cover this upcoming event in exchange for entry, however all opinions expressed are my own. 

What are you doing next Wednesday? Need to unwind and get ready for the weekend? Want to have some fun with your girls?  Still looking for that Classic outfit? Then come out to the Magic City Sip and Shop and enjoy a little pampering in the midst of some retail therapy. And we can’t forget the sips and small bites! It promises to be a fun night. And there will be giveaways. You don’t want to miss this event.

Hope to see you next Wednesday (October 28, 2015)  at the Bridgestreet Galley & Loft between 5:30 – 9:00. Get your tickets here. Tickets are $10 in advance or $15 at the door.

Till Next Time,

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4 Fall Must Haves

4 fall must haves

Fall officially began last week and the weather made a subtle shift from dry and hot to cooler and damp. One day my friends and I were debating whether it was time to pull out the boots to actually donning a pair of booties the next (and it was well warranted.) So with the change in seasons, comes the need to change your wardrobe. I wish we all had unlimited funds and could go out and buy all new garb every season but most of us don’t have it like that. So we have to be discerning with our coins and chose wisely when picking the latest trend. I mean we all know that most of it is here today and gone tomorrow. But these 4 looks have stood the test of time and can elevate your wardrobe to the next level.

  1. The Floppy Hat This hat adds instant flair to any look. I admit I have a few of these in various colors. My navy pairs well with denim and blue ensembles. But other neutrals like brown and tan are perfect for this season’s color palette.       Check out this burgundy floppy from SimplyBe.


2.   Ponchos…Capes…Shawls Outerwear is always a good idea when the temperature drops. It doesn’t have to just be functional but rather it can add drama to your look. This cape is from ILY.


3.  Fringe Okay. So there is a 70s revival going on and fringe is the centerpiece. Everywhere you look you can find the trim on just about anything – be it a jacket or a skirt. But if you want to add just a little boho chic to your closet, opt for a purse or a belt. Like this belt from Dorothy Perkins.


4. Booties Are perfect for just about any outfit. They look great with jeans and pants in the winter and can be worn with shirts and dresses or even shorts when the weather is warmer. So they are prefect for Fall and with this peep-toe look from Macy’s, you can wear these for an extended period.


So tell me what you think. Do you have floppy hat you love? What about the cape trend? Thumbs up or down? Is fringe too much? Show me how you wear your booties. Comment below. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter for style inspiration and visit my Facebook page here.

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Saturday Shenanigans: Same Old Chic Different Day

If you know me, you know that it is rare that I dress down. But since I was running a few quick errands today, I decided to go for a really relaxed look. After spying this “Same Old Chic Different Day” graphic tee in Macy’s and copping it for under $6.00, I had to find a reason to wear it. So I paired it with some comfy joggers I purchased last Fall from Ashley Stewart and perforated slip-ons i scored for $10 at Payless. By the way, I love these shoes! They are some of the most comfortable shoes ever and not to mention stylish and on trend. Check out my look below.



Do you have a favorite graphic tee? Comment. Tell me about it. What do you wear for your Saturday shenanigans? Do you like the slip-on sneaker trend? I would love to hear from you.

Till next time

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MAXImum Effect: The Benefits of a Maxi Dress

Sometimes the rain can cause you to change your plans and even your outfit. But this look is so effortless that not even the rain would keep me from wearing it. I love maxi dresses for a number of reasons and I wanted to share why you should too.

#4 Coverage

If you want to look chic but you are concerned about a few extra pounds, a maxi dress can camouflage your problem areas.


#3 Shaving your legs is optional

Yes, I said it. SHAVING…IS…OPTIONAL! Some mornings there just isn’t enough time to shave my legs so a maxi dress hides this. (I had shaved though. :-))


#2 They are super dainty

Dresses scream I am woman anyway but the added length creates more of a feminine vibe. And while it is giving maximum coverage, the halter adds the right amount of drama.


#1 They are supper comfy.

Maxi dresses are the easiest thing to wear to look pulled together but still feel comfortable.


Do you like maxi dresses? Why or why not? Show me how you wear it.

Follow me on Instagram or Twitter and post your pics.

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A Night with a Cover Model: Celebrating a Fellow “Jane”

Last year I started on this blogging journey and along the way, I have met some fantastic women. And to think it all started with a group named See Jane Write. The group is designed to inspire and empower the female writer/blogger/entrepreneur. The bonus is that you get to connect with like-minded creatives who support and encourage you to do you! Last week I had the honor to help celebrate a fellow “Jane” – the fab Jeniese of The Je ne sais quoi. Jeniese was recently selected to appear on the cover of a national magazine because she is a Real Woman of Style.  How awesome is that!?! Check out the fashion tips she gave along with the other cover models in the September issue of Redbook – on stands now!


The Janes

LaKisha – Sizable Chic; Christina – Pinklux; Jeniese – The Je ne sais quoi; Javacia – See Jane Write; Jennifer – Stellar Fashion and Fitness





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The 3rd Piece is Key: Elevate your style with this simple tip (Part Deux)

So I have mentioned this before but one of the things anyone can do to elevate their style is to add that third piece. Adding a “third” piece pulls your look together. It makes you look complete and gives you style credibility. This is the reason that some retailers have their associates employ this simple trick.

Back in March, we looked at a winterized outfit including a scarf, vest, and boots. Now, with a few more months of warmer weather, here’s a look at a way to add that third piece without covering up. While this can be tricky, it can be achieved.

For example, take this outfit.  The cropped pant and black shirt have a lot of character on their own.  The cropped pant’s wide leg with the gigantic flower print effortlessly commands attention. All the more reason to top it with a more subdued shirt. So I chose a black shirt to contrast the bold green in the pant. But I still wanted some flare and the peplum didn’t disappoint. Finally, I cinched in the waist with this black skinny belt. However, the piece de resistance is the chunky silver necklace and oversized earrings.

Sometimes one key piece just doesn’t do and you have to add that third, forth, or fifth piece to achieve a signature look. superwoman pose

Hoop earrings – New York and Company

Necklace – Charming Charlie

Peplum shirt – New York and Company

Cropped Pant – JcPenney

Wedges – Eric Michael

Tell me what you think. Have you mastered this style tip? So me your 3rd piece and how it elevated your look. Comment, like, share, follow.

And check out Part I of The 3rd Piece is Key: Elevate your style with this simple tip here.

What I Wore Wednesday: Love at First ‘Site’ (The Canals of Venice)

When I first saw this skirt I was in love! Love the whimsical art and the fact that it is one of my favorite sceneries – the canals of Venice. Gondolas! Tranquil waters! The serenade of my personal gondolier! I have a serious wanderlust. So when I saw this skirt on the website FabFourFashion, I had to have it. If you haven’t seen this site, you are missing out. These four fab ladies blog together showing the world the versatility of many brands when it comes to fashion for every body! And recently they did a fab layout with the online retailer eShakti. eShakti has some great looks for all shapes and sizes and the best part is you can customize your look and even have pockets removed like I did with this skirt. Since it was already full, I figured I wouldn’t add to the fullness with pockets. This was a free customization! How cool is that?!?!

Check out my look below. I wore it last night the Birmingham Bloggers August event – a Girls’ Night at Vineyard Vines at the Summit!


skirt – eShakti – sold out (similar)

Land’s End Tee – $6

Wooden Beads (I can’t remember. I have had these over 15 years.)

Here’s a closer look at the fabulous skirt! It is so vibrant and can be worn with so many colors. The skirt is also lined so it will transition into Fall with ease. Just throw on a light jacket or cardigan and you are ready for cooler temps!


Tell me what you think. Do you have a scenery midi? Would you dare to go bold in a colorful skirt like this? I love a good skirt. Show me your skirt game and tell me about your wanderlust!  Or that skirt you are crushing on. Comment, like, follow me!  Check me out on Instagram and Twitter!

Thanks for reading,

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Sizable Chic Meets Vineyard Vines

So I have a confession…I thought Vineyard Vines sold just t-shirts and polos and nothing else. Ahoy I meant boy was I wrong. Last night I attended a Girls’ Night at Vineyard Vines at the Summit with my fellow Birmingham Bloggers. And I was impressed with what I saw. Vineyard Vines started with ties but today they offer so much more. Take a look at some of the great clothes they have to offer.


Magnolia Stripe Shift Dress $148


Fern Print Maxi Dress $248


Repp Stripe Heritage Weekender Bag $228

Small Travel Case $68

Wood and Bead Layer Necklace $128

Candlewood Cotton V-Neck Sweater $98


Alabama (or Auburn) Canvas Club Belt $49.50


Cotton Striped Knit Dress $118

Buffalo Check Cashmere Scarf $168

I am loving all of these looks. Of course I love the Alabama belt. With football around the corner, this may be making an appearance in my annual tailgate post. Check out last year’s post here. And you all know my love  of all things striped! The knit dress looks so comfy and easy. Anytime I can wear navy and stripes is a good day. Check out some of favorite posts on my love for navy and stripes in Earning My Stripes! and In The Navy. Finally this maxi dress is just gorg! I need this in my life! And I would carry it all in this great weekender and represent my sorority! How I love my pink and green!

So head on out to the Summit and visit Vineyard Vines for some chic fall looks. And if you aren’t a local, head on over to www.vineyardvines.com.

Till Next Time

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My concert look: Rockin’ a 2 Piece Set

I love a good concert. The lights, the music, the crowd, the anticipation! Waiting for that moment when the artist walks out on the stage and the audience goes wild, I…get…chills. (Kinda like the hyena in The Lion King when she hears Mufasa’s name.” I love it! And I love the smiles and laughs the artist gives when they are just so overwhelmed at us – the fans. Screaming, cheering and chanting their name. It is wonderful. If you ask my friends and family, you will find that I am always game for a good concert.

And because I love concerts so much, a lot of thought goes into my “concert look.” I mean a girl has to consider a lot of things before heading out. You have to consider what the weather is going to be like. Is it indoors or out? If indoors, do you need a jacket? What about parking? Will you have to walk far? Do you need flat shoes or are you just going to sacrifice comfort for style? You need clothes that allow you to move. Most of the time, I am out of my seat and shaking my bon-bon.

So when I started thinking about this Jill Scott concert, this outfit came to mind. i purchased it months ago and saved it just for this event and it was perfect. Not only was it comfortable but it is stylish, chic and on trend. I was a little hesitant to rock…wait a minute…a crop top but after it arrived in the mail and I tried it on, I was in love. Check it out below and tell me what you think.

walk across

Rebdolls 2 Piece Pant Set (Sold out but similar set available)

The Limited Drapey White Blazer (On sale)

Eric Michael Black Suede Wedge

New York and Company Hoops

Rebdolls 2 Piece
Rebdolls 2 Piece Set crossbody

Royal Blue Cross-body Bag from Macy’s match my nail polish

This little bag adds a splash of color (not that it is needed) but it is perfect for holding your ticket, cellphone, and other essentials


The Eric Michael Wedge bridge function with fashion and comfort with style. I started the day at 10:00 am with these shoes and lasted until after 11:00 pm.

This look was so comfortable that I didn’t want to take them off. After a long day, they would also make the perfect lounge set! And I adore the extra long length on the pant.

So if you are wondering if you can rock a crop top, just go for it. Adding a solid jacket like I did made the look a little less edgy. This wide leg pant is the perfect silhouette for your curves.

If you haven’t checked out Rebdolls you need to and if you plan to rock a crop top or have a killer matching set, snap a pic and show me.

Till next time

Sizable Chic

Stars! Stripes! And Sales!

With a 3 day weekend upon us, there is so much to do. Relax poolside! Cookout (I can use a good grilled burger right about now)! Hangout with friends and family! See a blockbuster (Jurassic World was incredible!). Even with all of this going on, the bargainista still has to find time to check out some of the great deals. Here’s a list of some of the good sales I found online.

1. ashleystewart.com– save 25% off your full-price purchase until midnight tonight and score looks like this great striped dress


Bold Striped Skater Dress $49.50

2. bananarepublic.com – save an extra 50% off ALL SALE STYLES Online and in stores until 7/8. Use Code: BRGOBIG


Mixed-Stripe Top $39.50 $29.99 (plus 50% off with the code)

3. anthropologie.com – save an extra 20% off sale prices


Malta Ribboned Sun Hat $78.00 $49.95

4. thelimited.com – save 50% on new arrivals and sale items


Preppy Sweater Tee $49.98

I love red, white and blue and I adore strips too. The list could go on and on but I will stop here. I can spend hours shopping these sales and others at some of my favorite stores. For a list of other places I like to shop, click here. Let me know what you find and tell us about other great sales going on this weekend. For other posts on navy and stripes, check out this trend report on navy and this one on my love for stripes.

Till Next Time

Sizable Chic

Pennys Can Make You Bloomin’ Hot: JC…JCPenney That Is

I don’t know about you but when I was growing up. It was called Pennys. And til this day, I will admit that sometimes I still shorten it to just Pennys. Perhaps it is a fitting name because may recent trip had me smiling. I was excited to find the cute looks I scored but more excited to pay so little for this cute ensemble.

Two weeks ago, I received a free $10 coupon from JCPenney and decided to go see what I could find. I picked up a few things and then I spotted this skirt. I walked around with it for a while and was torn. I liked it but it also had a lot going on. I didn’t know how it was going to look on my curves but decided to give it a shot.

It had a lot of things going for it. 1) It is on trend in a number of ways a) it is floral – one of the season’s must haves and b) it is a pencil skirt – a popular silhouette. 2) It was on clearance. You all know how I love a good bargain. It was marked down to $14.99 and with the $10 coupon, it was a huge score. So I tried it and I loved it. The color is so vibrant and festive. I figured I would pair it with a solid black shirt or white shirt. But when I went into another JCPenney a few days later and spotted the matching shirt for just $9.99, I couldn’t pass it up. Although I thought this was going to be a lot of flowers, I decided to be adventurous and let my floral flag fly. After all, one of the hottest looks for 2015 is the matching set.

Check it out below.

Nicole by Nicole Miller; Flowers JCPenny

Nicole by Nicole Miller Skirt and Tank for JCPenney

Nicole by Nicole Miller JCP JCPenny Style

floral shades

Click here to see how one of my favorite bloggers – The Fashion Huntress – styled this skirt.

Till Next Time

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Sizable Chic Savings @ Birmingham Boutique Blowout

So I had a lot to do on Saturday and only had a little time to head over to the Pelham Civic Complex to check out the Summer Birmingham Boutique Blowout. So glad I did. Saw so many great deals that I didn’t know where to start. After walking in and grabbing my VIP shopper wristband and a map, I headed over to say hello to Meredith and Beth of Birmingham Bloggers. Then I   made my rounds. Since I am currently trying to curtail my spending, this was more of a window-shopping trip. (Or that’s what I thought it was going to be.)  But then I spotted one of my favorite stores – Silver Lining Boutique. A few years back, they were located on Hwy 150 in Hoover and it was both a boutique and a consignment store. I enjoyed both and hated when it closed down. Now the boutique only does retail and has moved to a new location.

Saturday I picked up these great summer shirts for less than $50. I saved an extra 15% off with the VIP wristband. (That’s what I call winning.) I can’t wait to style these looks and will show you what I put together.


Black and White Tie Dye

20150620_194656 Navy Blouse with Crochet Collar

20150620_195200Sheer Multi Color Striped Shark Bite Tank

I think the Black and White Tie Dye shirt will be part of “What I Wore Wednesday” this week. Check back to see what I come up with. And the Birmingham Boutique Blowout is held a couple of times throughout the year. Follow them on Facebook to get all the latest information on what’s happening.

Did you make to the blowout this time? What did you pick up?

Till Next Time
Sizable Chic

Birmingham Boutique Blowout: Saturday, June 20, 2015

****Please be advised that this post is sponsored by Birmingham Boutique Blowout. All of the views expressed are my own.***

Happy Wednesday! You know what that means? Just 2 more days until the weekend. Can’t wait. Looking forward to it and a few things I have planned for Saturday. Starting with the Birmingham Boutique Blowout at the Pelham Civic Complex from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.


With nearly 40 vendors showcasing some of the hottest trends of 2015, this promises to be a fun day. Some of the vendors  include the following and many many more.

2719256_orig 2545289_orig 14268106391432958312

Entry is free but if you want some great discounts, opt for a VIP Shopper Access! This $5.00 wristband entitles VIP Shoppers receive exclusive valuable discounts. (Who doesn’t love a good discount???) Checkout www.BirminghamBoutiqueBlowout.com for more info on the event and how to become a VIP Shopper.

Also like Birmingham Boutique Blowout on Facebook to stay update on the event and some giveaways leading up to the event!

Comment, like and share and bring someone with you on Saturday. And let me know if you are planning to go or what boutique you just can’t do without!

Till Next Time,

Sizable Chic

Sizable Chic Eats: Zoes Kitchen

***Please be advised that this giveaway and the post are sponsored by Zoës Kitchen. All of the views expressed are my own.***  Outdoor Advertising Creative

Guess who’s turning 20? Zoës Kitchen! And they are celebrating this milestone with the #ZoesLoveBham campaign. This celebration kicked off on June 10th and runs until June 29th. You seriously want to check out all of the things they have planned this week. From celebrating with cake (I hope it’s that chocolate cake. It is to die for!) on Thursday, June 18th to a scavenger hunt for gift cards on Monday, June 29th, they have a host of goodness to share.

And there is no denying that Zoës Kitchen is serving up more that delicious goodness you can eat. Not only are they giving back to Birmingham with giveaways and surprises, but they are volunteering too. This week Team Zoes will be volunteering at Alabama Children’s Hospital, Habitat For Humanity, Jimmy Hale Mission, amongst other places. Check out all the celebratory goodness at www.zoeslovesbham.com.

I know you want to help them celebrate! So today, Zoës is giving away Mediterranean Family Meals on social media. Say what!!!??? Yes! That’s right. They are giving away a $40 gift card to a lucky winner and it could be you.

Check out @sizablechic on Instagram for instructions on how to enter. This giveaway runs until Thursday, June 18th. And a winner will be announced later that day.

So tell me what your favorite dish is at Zoës Kitchen. What are you ordering if you win? Ok, doesn’t really matter if you win (Winning is good though!) because you are going there anyway or asking your coworker to bring you back a piece of cake!

Till Next Time

-Sizable Chic

Sizable Chic Eats: Brunch at Yo’ Mama’s

So a few weeks back I was in search of a good place to take two of my favorite ladies, my mom and my grandmother. I wanted to celebrate Mother’s Day.  After asking some of my foodie friends for suggestions on where to get brunch, I finally settled on Yo’ Mama’s. (Yes! That is the name.)

Yo' Mama's Meals made fresh.
Yo’ Mama’s Meals made fresh.

Nestled in the heart of downtown and in the midst of other chic eateries, sits this unassuming little restaurant. While the space may be little, the food is anything but…I knew what I was getting as soon as I hit the door. Chicken and Waffles!!! I will admit that eating at Yo’ Mama’s was a little self-serving. I wanted to check out this dish because I haven’t really grasped the concept. I have tried “chicken and waffles” at many places and I just didn’t get it. From Tod English PUB to Gladys Knight’s, I wondered why. Why do people like this so much? So I tasted a piece of the chicken and my taste buds were pleased. Then, I drizzled the homemade cinnamon syrup on the waffle and my nose was delightful. Finally, I took a bite and I had my answer. This right here is what people are talking about.  Now, you can jazz it up and add some fruit toppings if you want but I wanted a plain waffle and chicken and I was not disappointed. I knew then that I had to go back.

Yo'Mama's Chicken and Waffles Birmingham Blogger On my next visit, I ventured out some. The “Sweet and Spicy” wings were okay but I prefer the fried wings. But not every item is available everyday. Yo Mama’s has some staples but they also feature a “Meal of the Day.” If you want to know what it is, sign up for email updates at www.yomamasrestaurant.com. (And try not to lick the screen.  Everything looks so good!)Yo' Mama's Sweet and Spicy Wings

Besides the chicken and waffles and the spicy wings, I have had the macaroni and cheese, string beans, and french fries and they all get my stamp of approval.

Yo' Mama's Restaurant

Yo’ Mama’s offers home cooking made fresh Monday – Friday 10:30 am to 2:30 pm.  While the signage states they are closed on Saturday and Sunday, they do offer a brunch from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm on the 2nd and last Saturday of the month. I hear that the “shrimp and grits” are delicious and I am anxious to try the catfish.

I will definitely go back and have more chicken and waffles and some of that syrup! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm good!

Check out Yo’ Mama’s Restaurant located at 2328 2nd Ave N Birmingham AL 35203.  Yo’ Mama’s is serving up some tasty goodness everyday and that’s no joke!

If you have already checked it out, tell me what you think. If you have suggestions on other great places to try for brunch, let me know.

Til next time,

Sizable Chic

What Goes Around Comes Back Around: Why You Shouldn’t Throw Out Your Favorite Jeans

Hello all!

Hope you had a groovy weekend! I sure did and I am loving this sunshine, man. I hope it sticks around. Even with the warm weather, one of my go to looks is anything with a pair of jeans. Funny because I recall a time when I owned roughly one pair. This wasn’t too long ago either. Now, fast forward, and I have too many to count.

Granted, I usually don’t wear them all in one season. Normally, each new season brings in a trendy silhouette that I have to cop – like the joggers this year. Luv them! Found an awesome pair at Forever21. But I haven’t fallen in love with the embellished or the patchwork. Just wait a minute and I am sure someone will make a pair I must have. But for now, I am sticking with my new favorite or is it my old favorite. Anyway, see these jeans are at least 6 years old (may be a little older). And they have been packed up in a bin labeled “Maybe One Day.” Because I said, “Maybe, one day, they will be in style again.” “Maybe, one day, the world will realize how chic a pair of flare jeans can be.” Now that day has come. Well for me at least.

Check out my latest Boho Chic looks in my super comfy flares. 2015 trends - flare jeans 7 white mesh top

White Mesh Layer Top – Banana Republic

Flares – New York and Company

Sandals – K&G

2015 trends mesh shirt

2015 trends flare jeans

Floral Blouse – Marshalls

Shades – New York and Company Continue reading “What Goes Around Comes Back Around: Why You Shouldn’t Throw Out Your Favorite Jeans”

What I Wore Wednesday: April 22

So yesterday was Earth Day! Did you hug a tree? Recycle? Eat something healthy? We all probably need to work on at least one or two of these. But I did recycle some paper and I am eating more green lately! So I thought it only fitting to wear green, from head to toe.

The look below is a great example of how to bring your fall/winter shoes into spring/summer. This season, suedes and leathers are part of the norm. And booties have staying power as well. Pair your favorite bootie with a little spring number and you have instant “It girl” fashion! Check it out below.

Olive Green Heritage Animal Print Banana Republic Dress

Olive Animal Print Dress – Banana Republic Heritage Collection

Army Green Suede Booties with Croc Accents – Seychelles via Anthropologie  Continue reading “What I Wore Wednesday: April 22”

What I Wore Wednesday

When I put together an outfit, I take inspiration from everywhere. It can be textures or shapes or color combos that spark my creativity. With my azaleas blooming, I couldn’t help but take note of the pretty pink and green tones. For those who know me, you know I love my pink and green! This fresh color combo highlights Spring’s glory on this bright sunny day! I kept the outfit basic with green dress slacks, nude flats, and my favorite denim jacket.

Tulidesigns.com; pink and green; spring color combos

Continue reading “What I Wore Wednesday”

Sunday Pinspiration

I love Pinterest! For the longest I tried to resist pinning but I couldn’t. It is so much fun and I love all of the ideas I get. From home to travel, from food to fashion, it is a great place to get inspired. So I have decided that from time to time, I will share some of this ‘pinspiration’ with you. So take a look.

Sunday Pinspiration; Birmingham Fashion Blogger

animal jacket on shoulder animal print

Although temps are warming up, they aren’t there yet. We can still use a jacket on these cooler mornings and later in the evenings. And trenches are a great way to stay warm and fashionable. The trench coat is a classic piece that every girl should have in her arsenal. And when you choose a daring pattern like the animal print above, it adds instant glam to your look. With the fun coat, I wanted a more subtle outfit and chose a black skirt with a white tee shirt. The leather-like skirt and booties added an edge to the look, while the white tee was crisp and clean. Top with so fun accessories and you’re ready for a chic day out.

jacket and bag

So tell me what you think? Do you have a trench you are dying to wear this season? Did you find inspiration is this look? Tell me about it. Want more “pinspiratiion’ from Sizable Chic? Follow me at www.pinterest.com/sizablechic.

Till next time –

Sizable Chic

Trend Report: Spring 2015 – The Kimono

Long before designers forecasted that the kimono and obi belt would be one of the essential looks for the season, I was sporting an obi. I purchased my first one in a boutique in Las Vegas years ago. I thought it was one of the most unique accessories and had to have it. Over the years, I’ve added 3 more to the collection. They add a certain flair to any look.

Combine the look of an obi with a stylish kimono and you have a look that can’t be described as anything but fierce. You can find kimonos in all lengths and colors, with fringe or without. Whatever your preference, there’s one for you.

If you have been following this blogging journey, then you recall my February visit to Fab’rik in Homewood. If you don’t, click here to read all about it.  It was here I scored some great merchandise including some free leggings and this kimono which was originally $72. It was marked down to $5.00 that night (Insert cheesy smile here. I love a great deal and this was a score!).

Kimono; Birmingham Fashion Blogger Continue reading “Trend Report: Spring 2015 – The Kimono”

Trend Report: In the Navy

I have said this before. I L-O-V-E NAVY!!!. And when I came across this navy jumpsuit, I was ecstatic. When I tried it on, I was in love. It has an old school vide with the wide legs and I adore the hardware. Zippers are the coolest! (I think I look like a Charlie’s Angel. LOL!) This is one of the hottest silhouettes of the season. I wore this to a wedding and I got so many compliments and questions about where I purchased it. I lucked up on it in Ross one Saturday and it cost just $19.99. O…M…G!

Check it out.

Navy Jumpsuit Birmingham Fashion Blogger

navy Jumpsuit Birmingham Blogger


Navy Jumpsuit – Ross

Striped Purse – Aldo

Cognac Sling backs – Banana Republic

Til Next Time

Sizable Chic…

Good night Charlie!!


Yesterday’s look was very casual but had a few finishing touches to take it to the next level. Remember the key to looking stylish is taking your look higher. Like Sly and the Family Stone said, “Let me take you higher!” You all probably don’t know who that is but it’s a great song that gets me pumped up! If you don’t know it, check it out on Youtube! Anyway, adding that 3rd piece (in this case maybe 5 or 6), takes the look up a notch.

I was going for casual safari chic. What do you think?

Birmingham Fashion Blogger, What I Wore Wednesday Sizable Chic

Birmingham Fashion Blogger, What I Wore Wednesday Sizable Chic

Birmingham Fashion Blogger, What I Wore Wednesday Sizable ChicCasual Safari Chic

Sweater – JCPenny

White Tee – Victoria’s Secret

Jeans -New York and Company

Belt – New York and Company

Necklace – Cato

Earrings – Banana Republic

Wooden Bracelets – Thrift Store

Tan Wrap Watch – Charlotte Russe

Spotted Wedges – Banana Republic

I hope you like.  And I hope you have some pieces in your closet that will take your casual jeans, tee and sweater…”higher.” (Good no one’s watching me dance in my chair right now!)

Til Next Time
Sizable Chic

Spring has sprung or has it! (How to dress for this crazy weather)

Did the weather get the memo?  It is supposed to be Spring! With lows in the 30s and highs in the 50s one day and highs in the 70s the next, what is a girl to wear? Officially, the season changed. Plants are blooming and grass is sprouting and other signs of warmer weather abound, but we can’t shed the layers just yet. I mean you can if you want to shiver as you walk into the office and even there you may be a little chilly because most likely they have the air on.

Since I am so ready to start wearing cute warmer weather looks, I had to think of something that looked springy but also kept me warm. I opted for a basic look – dark jeans, blouse, leather jacket, scarf and booties. But what blouse, scarf, jacket, and shoes?

Gold 3/4 sleeve – Banana Republic 

  • I opted for a 3/4 sleeve blouse. It isn’t as restrictive as a long sleeve blouse that traps in heat but it keeps you warmer than short sleeves or no sleeves.
  • The color was a factor in the blouse choice too. The vibrant gold mixes well in all seasons.

Scarf – Nordstrom Rack

  • With all the painter colors in the scarf, it screams Spring.
  • The lightweight fabric is essential to adding a scarf to your wardrobe as the temperatures rise.

Jacket – Cato

  • The jacket adds warmth to the look but the muted brown makes it look less winter-like.

Birmingham fashion blogger; fashion blogger, spring fashion, style of the day

Birmingham Fashion Blogger, Fashion Blogger

Are you confused on what to wear during this transitional time? Or have you mastered this weather and created some great looks that are Spring like and warm? Comment, like, and post your pics so I can see what you are wearing, during these crazy weather times!

Til Next Time,

Sizable Chic

What’s Next for Spring 2015: A look at the hottest looks for the season

Last Thursday, I was a girl about town.  On the lookout for the hottest fashions for Spring,  one of my stops took me to Saks Fifth Avenue at the Summit in Birmingham. With a fashion show showcasing some of Spring’s rockstar inspired, floral infused, and other great looks, the night gave me great style inspiration. I hope it inspires you too! Check out some of the fab looks below.

Rockstar by day
Rockstar by Day

Party Dress
Rockstar by Night

And if you want some more sweet, innocent looks, check out these great styles.

All white never gets boring!
All white never gets boring! Theory – Open Knit Sweater top and pant.

Denim suiting; Casual yet chic
Denim suiting – Casual yet chic

And my final style inspiration came from these two great looks. Think ‘It girl.’

Slaying the season's trends - Denim Vest, Orange Tee, Full Vibrant Skirt
Slaying the season’s trends – Denim Vest, Orange Tee, Full Vibrant Skirt

Casual Elegance: Playing with Patterns.
Casual Elegance: Playing with patterns in this Nanette Lepore Silk Jetset Jumpsuit

So check out these great looks and others at Saks. The brand ambassadors at the store in Birmingham are always happy to help you find that special outfit.

And there is still time to catch a great deal. Now through Sunday, March 15, 2015 get a $35 gift card with your $250 contemporary purchase. Check with a sales associates on other promotions. There is also a sweet little gift with a $250.00 contemporary purchase. Receive a tote bag from Paige and beach towel from 360 Cashmere. Just in time for that trip to beach.

Til Next Time,

Sizable Chic


Today’s look was super comfy and easy to style. For those who have been following along with this blogging journey, you know at least two things about me. One thing is I love stripes! Absolutely, positively have to wear stripes. The nautical look is my all time fav. I don’t care the season or the reason. This is a go. And two – I have an affinity for scarves to the 10th degree! Winter, spring, summer or fall, all you have to do is tie one on!

Birmingham Fashion Blogger
Navy, Yellow, Denim, Stripes

The bright yellow against the deep navy was a pleasant contrast. Since it was so dreary this morning, I needed to be uplifted. It made me smile and it did the same for others. (Insert Pharrell’s “Happy” here!) I received so many compliments on the color and how much light and joy it projected on this rainy day.  Continue reading “WHAT I WORE WEDNESDAY”


With all the gloomy weather lately, today I decided I needed comfort. So I put together a sporty chic look for hump day. I know what you are thinking – another day of grey and black. Yes. Ha! Ha! I sure do love my neutrals. But I am ready for the doom and gloom to end, so that my wardrobe can bloom into Spring with brighter colors.

Anyway, I wanted to showcase a look that says, “You don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort.” This is for that person who thinks it is okay to wear yoga pants to work or pajamas to the grocery store.  There is activewear out there that can offer you all the comforts of that workout gear with a little more panache.   This skirt is breathable and moveable like a pair of my favorite yoga pants.  Plus the hi-lo design is on trend.  The jacket has a cool look with the longer sleeves and the thumb hole. Paired with a comfortable flat, you can do your grocery shopping, take the dog for a walk or even go into the office.


C9 Champion Long Sleeve Jacket via Target

Livi Active Hi-Lo Skirt via Lane Bryant



So I want you to weigh in and tell me what you think. Should yoga pants and workout clothes be worn to the office? Yay or Nay?

Til Next Time,

Sizable Chic

The 3rd Piece is Key: Elevate your style with this simple tip

You know the old saying, “Less is more.” Well, not in this case. More is best or at least it can be better and the key to elevating your style. WhoWhatWear recently wrote a post on this very thing. Apparently, in the retail world, there is a little tip that is shared with employees to help them look pulled together and stylish. A third piece can mean the difference between drab and fab. Basically, a third piece says, “I tried. I gave it some thought.” And if you want to elevate your look even more, add a fourth and fifth piece to “wow” the world. So go for the unexpected. Make it interesting.

Take this neutral on neutral look. Black jeans, grey checkered button down, black vest. While the vest and shoes are a cute addition, they don’t make it interesting.  Like I told the ladies at Ashley Stewart during my Meet and Greet last month, you can take basic outfits and add pieces to make your look pop!

The look was okay in the beginning but adding the third-piece – the cobalt blue scarf to complement the zipper on the boots – made it all come together. Now the look pops! And the oversized bag was a great accessory as well.

20150302_194229So I tried this style tip and received plenty of compliments on my look. Now you try it on for size and comment to let me know what you added as your third-piece.

Read more on the fashion tips I shared at Ashley Stewart: Sizable Chic Meets: Ashley Stewart.

Til Next Time,

Sizable Chic


Actually, you don’t want to see what I am wearing. Trust me!!! I still haven’t returned to the world of the living so no chic outfit to post from today. I’m just warm and toasty, watching the weather in my pajamas and doped up on cold meds.

So it’s the perfect time to recap the Fab’rik Homewood Blogentine Bash for Birmingham Bloggers held last Wednesday. It was a fun night of bubbly, bites and blogging, all in time for new Spring looks! There were plenty of bloggers in attendance and I had a great time networking. Met some great new folks and got a chance to chat with some familiar faces too.

There were awesome giveaways.  Guess who won – your’s truly! I scored a great pair of Spanx leggings which all the ladies wanted! 🙂 (I know because they told me.)  They also gave away the chance to take over their Instagram for a day and for any blogger, that is an incredible notion. And if it couldn’t get any better than that, all of the sale items were…on…SALE! I’m talking deep discounts like all shoes were $5.00 and I grabbed some trendy dusters for shhh…$5.00! I gave a navy blue floppy hat a new home. When you can get 4 super cute pieces for less than 55 big ones, I call that winning! And you can be winning this season with some of these looks.

Continue reading “WHAT I WORE WEDNESDAY”

What I Wore Wednesday

I know I am late but I am finally able to sit up and post Wednesday’s outfit.

Hope you enjoy!

Cable Knit Hat: Charlotte Russe

Infinity Scarf: Faded Glory

Grey Plaid Cape: The Scandal Collection for The Limited

Black Cashmere Sweater: Macy’s

Black Slacks: New York and Company

Suede Flats: Franco Sarto via DSW

Continue reading “What I Wore Wednesday”

Sizable Chic Eats: Homemade French Toast with Sugar Glazed Strawberries and Whipped Cream in time for Valentine’s Day

PhotoGrid_1423870078035There is a superstition that says if you eat a lot of strawberries, then your baby will be born with a head shaped like a strawberry. Well, if that is true, I will go ahead and apologize to any future kid of mine. Because I love strawberries! I eat them by themselves and with just about anything. I love them in my salad, sometimes on top of a sandwich. I make strawberry lemonade all the time! I love strawberry cake and cupcakes. I eat strawberries with Splenda sprinkled on top when I want fewer calories. But my guilty pleasure is sliced strawberries that have marinated in the refrigerator with pure sugar. This creates a thick syrup. Continue reading “Sizable Chic Eats: Homemade French Toast with Sugar Glazed Strawberries and Whipped Cream in time for Valentine’s Day”


Welcome to a new Sizable Chic feature: What I Wore Wednesday.

Every week I will post a look that I love. It will be an outfit that I am loving at the moment or a great new addition to my wardrobe.

   So check out today’s look and enjoy!

Sweater: Banana Republic

Blouse and Necklace: New York and Company

Pants: Eva Mendes for New York and Company Continue reading “WHAT I WORE WEDNESDAY”

Extra! Extra! Read all about it. All here in Black and White!

I can’t wait for Spring! I love the sound of birds chirping, crisp warm air, the brightness of the sun, the smell of fresh cut grass and the myriad of colors blooming on the trees and plants. There will be lighter coats, boots will make their last showing in some parts of the world and clothes will go from layer upon layer to just a few pieces.
Shades of yellow are forecasted to be a hit and flowers will be growing on everything from your shirt to your skirt. But no matter the trends that are ahead, there is one color combo that remains classic through out time and can be worn for any occasion. That’s black and white!

Check out the video below on a few looks I put together. When the weather warms a little more, I will be sporting all of these looks. I hope you enjoy. Continue reading “Extra! Extra! Read all about it. All here in Black and White!”

Sizable Chic Meets: Ashley Stewart

When I started this blogging journey, I wanted a way to express myself. I wanted to put down into words what I was thinking and feeling and share with the world the things I love – food, travel, fashion and so much more. Never did I imagine it would be a vehicle to this…

On Saturday, January, 31, 2015, I was so excited and honored to be asked to do a Meet and Greet in one of my favorite stores – Ashley Stewart. Ashley Stewart caters to the stylish and sophisticated curvy woman and offers sizes 12 to 26. There is something here for every woman to conquer day and night, work and play, all while looking fab and staying within budget.
20150131_131346 20150131_124627 20150131_12410720150131_124448 20150131_124042 20150131_124438

When I entered the store, it was already buzzing with shoppers ready to spend their Diva Dollars (the reward you earned for buying and buying the weeks prior to Saturday’s big sale.) And I was told to go ahead and do my thing. With a few nerves tucked here and there, I opened my mouth and this came out:

Ladies! Ladies! Can I have your attention? (Now all eyes are on me. No pressure!) My name is LaKisha and I am a lifestyle blogger and I write a blog called Sizable Chic. I love to show off my curves and I know you all do too or you wouldn’t be here (I heard a few umm-hmms and Amen.) I cover everything but I have a passion for fashion and what I love is to take basic pieces like the black jeggings I am wearing from Ashley Stewart and the black cardigan, also from Ashley Stewart and add other pieces to make it POP! And it doesn’t have to cost a lot. Take for instance these brown boots from K&G, the skinny belt from New York and Company, fringe earrings from Disney World and floppy hat from New York and Company.   It is so easy.

So I am here today to help you find what you are looking for and help style your entire look.

(Applause and cheering.)

I walked around and handed out my Sizable Chic business cards and chatted with the customers. I asked one lady if I could help her find anything and she replied, “Yes. The boots, the earrings, and the hat!” Another customer said,”You look cute. Very classy. I like the look.” (She purchased a pair of the black jeggings I was wearing.) It might sound odd, but my heart was filled with joy. Helping others (even complete strangers) look their best makes me feel good. It is like shopping with your girlfriend – therapeutic!

As new customers entered and it became busier and busier, I was asked to make the announcement again. This time, the manager announced, “Ladies, we have a real life fashion blogger in the house.” I gave my background again and offered this fashion nugget:

Style is about doing you. Wear what you want…what looks good on you. For instance, people have said that black and brown don’t go together. But you can look at me and see that isn’t the case.


After this, I helped another customer search for the right outfit for a concert and helped another decide on a pair of earrings and to wear her hair up for the ball she was attending at the end of the month.

Overall, it was a great day and I hope to share my love of shopping again soon with the divas who frequent Ashley Stewart!

Ashley Stewart is located at 1632 Montclair Road Birmingham, AL 35210. Check them out on the web at www.ashleystewart.com and come back to Sizable Chic or follow along on Instagram in the coming weeks, as I show off my latest #swag. (You know I couldn’t just help others shop! They say practice makes perfect!)

Til Next Time,

Sizable Chic

Love is in the Air. Happy Valentine’s Day!!

I’ve teamed up with bloggers from Birmingham Bloggers to bring you a Valentine’s giveaway! Enter below for your chance to win a $165 giftcard to Target. Happy Valentine’s Day!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Visit www.bhambloggers.com and all the bloggers in the giveaway here:

LCB Style, A Pinch of Healthy, The M Studio, Hey There Sunshine, Eat Drink Be Well, Morrell’s Armoire, Fast Foodie, Bethcakes, Blissfully Southern, Lola Charles, The Style Gathering, Shotguns & Seashells, Between the Pearls, Sizeable Chic and Everyday Living.

Open to U.S residents only.

Chic Eats: Bottle & Bone

20150122_201037 So I have a confession. I am addicted to crispy, crunchy…bacon. I have bacon most mornings. When I decided that was too much, I couldn’t quit cold turkey. No. I went from two pieces to one. It was hard but I did it. Despite how delicious the taste of warm bacon, I learned to resist it (to a degree). That is until I was faced with a plank of flavor infused, miniature strips of thick, perfectly charred…BACON! Flanked by grilled onions and spread before me, the one piece rule went out the window at quite possibly one of my new favorite spots in Birmingham – Bottle and Bone.

Bacon Flight
Bacon Flight

Situated in Birmingham’s new Uptown district near the Civic Center, Bottle and Bone offers tasty morsels that will make any red-bloodied American swoon. From beer to cheese and plenty of meat, Bottle and Bone has some delightful twists on all of our favorites. If you want a great burger, check out The Grind.

The Grind
The Grind

If you want a hint of New Awlins, try the mouth-watering Boudin Balls. There is something for everyone. Did I mention the impressive selection of adult beverages lining the wall. You can just go to see The Wall of Awesome.  And don’t fret if you need a little lesson on what drink to pair with your dinner, Bottle and Bone has you covered. They offer classes on different beers and you get to taste the beer as part of the class. But if you are more interested in how to get the perfect cut of meat, Bottle and Bone has something for you too. Check out their butchery classes. As a full butcher shop, these guys know what they are serving up. This is a great spot to hang with friends and indulge in food done well. So on your next outing, choose to eat Up(town) and drink Up(town) at Bottle and Bone. Visit Bottle and Bone on the web at www.bottleandbone.com.

P.S. With Superbowl Sunday coming up, check out the beer and meat packages available for order.

Until next time,

Sizable Chic

Earning my stripes!

There are those who will tell you to stay away from stripes especially horizontal ones. “Stripes make you look bigger,” they say. And who wants that? But I am here to say, “Forget the haters and get your stripes on.”

For those who really know me, then you know that when it comes to fashion, I have an affinity for stripes! Maybe that’s because the lines are so clean and structured and they give you this ready-made look of being put together. (Check out the cover photo.) Or maybe because they conjure up these whimsical thoughts of sailboats and soothing water. When the weather warms, I am all over the nautical look. (Even though it is cold, cold, cold out there, I am dying to pull out my white boat shoes! Color combos of navy and variations of white dance in my head. I know I am not alone????

I still remember the advice that style guru Tim Gunn of Project Runway fame gave the audience years ago when I met him at an event in Birmingham. He had spent time giving tips to the audience on many of the style questions that perplex us and he advised to pay close attention to the scale and color story your stripes are telling. Basically, he said you would have to be your own judge as to whether the look works for you. Funny thing is I was wearing stripes and I was a little afraid to meet him and hear what he was going to say. But he complimented me on my trendy cold shoulder t-shirt with multi-color stripes.


And I never looked back. I have so many pieces that have stripes that I wonder if people think I have the same thing on sometimes (haha). Striped t-shirts and sweaters, dresses and skirts, pursues and shoes. I try to tell myself that I can’t buy one more piece with stripes but I end up with it.

So when I saw this next look in one of my favorite stores, I could not pass it up. After all, this look is usually reserved for the warm weather, but I think the Limited had us “nautical fanatics” in mind when they created this gorgeous cowl neck navy and cream fringed poncho. The stripes aren’t horizontal or vertical but rather diagonal.  This paired with cream dress slacks and navy shoes created a look worth saluting!


Poncho – The Limited; Slacks – Eva Mendes for New York and Company; Shoes – Nine West 

So go out there, create your own waves and earn your stripes!

Till next time – Sizable Chic

In 2015, write the story of you!


It’s that time of the year when everyone starts making resolutions and deciding that somehow they fell short of (insert goal here).  You proclaimed that 2014 was going to be your year and then as you wait for the ball to drop, some of you wonder what happened.  Maybe you didn’t pass that exam or get that promotion. Maybe you didn’t win the lottery or lose that last 5 pounds. Maybe you had a breakup or some other loss. There are so many things that could have happened because that is life.

But I bet other things happened, good things that you just gloss over. Maybe in your eyes they were small. Maybe you can’t even remember what it was now and I can’t blame you because 2014 is kind of a blur for me (And I haven’t started celebrating yet unless you count the sugar overdose from the cake I just baked.). That is why I am choosing to memorialize the good moments in 2015, no matter how small they may seem in that minute. And I challenge you to do the same.

Take a minute to jot down “little wins” as you accomplish a goal or something good happens to you. You can either start a Journal of Gratitude or keep a “Gratitude Jar.” Personally, I love journals and have tons of them lying around but I also think the “Gratitude Jar” is a cute idea.

Take a mason jar. Tie a pretty ribbon around it with a sign that says “Gratitude Jar” and when something good happens, write it on a strip of paper and place it in that jar. At the end of 2015, go back and read what you have written. I am sure it will bring back a host of emotions that will make you appreciate the things that made 2015 a Sizable year!

~ Till Next Time – Sizable Chic

Scarves! To Infinity and Beyond

When the weather gets nippy, the first thing I reach for is a scarf. Not only does it keep a girl’s throat from getting scratchy, but it can dress up any look. That’s why I have an abundance of them…too many to count. And it doesn’t matter the length, the style, the pattern, or the color because your scarf can be a mere accent or the focal point of your outfit. It all depends on how you wear it.  And there are tons of ways to tie a scarf from simple to elaborate. I get asked all the time to help friends and family get their scarf just right. And I don’t mind. But there are tutorials all across the web waiting to help you master the art of wearing a scarf. You would be amazed at the looks you can create with a simple piece of fabric.

Check out this tutorial from Nordstrom that gives you a step-by-step look at different ways to spice up any outfit.  But my latest favorite look is actually a simple style to master. All you need is a scarf and your favorite belt and you can make any outfit chic.

This look is as easy as 1-2-3.


Step 1:  Fold scarf in half

Step 2: Place over neck

Step 3: Place belt around the waist

And there you have a chic sophisticated look to add spice to you outfit.

~ Sizable Chic

Chic Eats: The Southern Kitchen and Bar


So during this month of #bloglikecrazy, I decided I would explore other topics on my blog.  And one thing I love, all most ags much as I love fashion is football. So today I am reviewing the restaurant I dined at on Saturday. While many of you were tailgating on college campuses, I was in the midst of football fanatics as well.  No I didn’t experience the historic win in T-Town yesterday but I did get a snippet of the feel from the energy the fans were giving at The Southern Kitchen and Bar. One thing I know for sure, there are two things we love in the south and that’s our food and our football. So, what better place to be than a place proud of its southern roots and who’s not afraid to serves it up in every dish.

Sitting there having good conversation with a great friend, at times I would be shocked by all the screams and clapping. With plenty of screens available, every football fan could find something to watch. The restaurant dubbed itself a “casually chic atmosphere offering the best entertainment with the hospitality of a true southern gem.” And I must agree. It is definitely a great place to just hang and it has plenty of seating including a spacious bar that boasts an impressive array of alcoholic beverages to keep the party going.

The menu has southern comfort written all over it. Yesterday, I had the Savannah Salad with fried rotisserie chicken and balsamic dressing. It was very tasty. The thick creamy dressing puts you in the mind of a gravy but I still like it. And I loved the candied pecans. They gave a burst of sweetness in every bite especially teamed with the fresh strawberries and feta. But the fried rotisserie chicken keeps me coming back for more. The first time, I had The Jefferson which is a delicious entree that includes the rotisserie chicken over southern spiced turnips and a side of Alabama gouda grits. Those grits were so good. And for seafood lovers, you can get shrimp instead of the chicken.

So next time you want a little southern hospitality, go downtown Birmingham and check out The Southern Kitchen and Bar at Uptown.

Till next time,

Sizable Chic!

10 things I am crushing on right now…In other words, #bloglikecrazy!!!!

So while my blog is about sizable chic style, I have been challenged to write a post every day this month. That means I will be pumping out topics other than fashion which is ok with me (and I hope ok with my readers). I admit I have fallen short and it is just the first week but I am a work in progress. I am trying to get back up on that horse and put pen to paper. So I will #bloglikecrazy in the coming weeks.

Today, I thought I would talk about the 10 things I am crushing on right now. (These are in no particular order.)

1. How to Get Away with Murder – This is probably one of the best shows on tv in a long time. It is a hour long suspense thriller every week. Great job Shonda!

2. Cookie Jam – Yes, it is similar to Candy Crush and equally as addictive. But when I leave the office, it helps me decompress!

3. The Voice – Adam, Blake, Gwen, Pharrell! Do I need to say more!?!? Cause I’m Happy!!!

4. Homemade Cheesy Bacon and Ranch Fries – These are to die for, especially if you have some gooooood tasting ranch dressing like the kind they serve at Lonestar (I have to drive across town to get it but it is worth it.). And if you don’t want to feel sooooo guilty, use the Alexia 98% Fat Free Smart Classics Roasted Crinkle Cut Fries.

5. Voluspa Maison Jardin Candle from Anthropologie. I love the Amaranth & Jasmine scent but they are all heavenly.

6. Silver Hoop Earrings from Banana Republic – The gold are crush-worthy too. Hoops are classic and depending on the size they can add a little edge to a polished look.

7. Gold Bond Ultimate Rough & Bumpy Skin Daily Therapy Cream – It’s a miracle moisturizer. Actually, 8 intensive moisturizers make your skin feel softer in like a week. Check it out in these cold winter months and see the difference.

8. All things ALDO! They have some of the cutest handbags like the stripped one featured in my post on game day style. And the shoes are great too.

9. Sweet Tea – The addiction has grown. It is like liquid gold…literally and I can’t get enough of it. I particularly love Gold Peak Tea’s Brewed Taste Sweet Tea that is perfectly chilled in your Walmart or Tar-get freezer! Thanks to my friend Patrice for getting me hooked on this. At least it is better than my soda addiction.

10. Strawberry cake from Edgar’s Bakery. Seriously, with my birthday, friends’ birthdays, and just a serious hankering for it, I have found ever reason in the world to get a slice. But if you taste it, you will see that there doesn’t have to be a special occasion. It’s…that…good!

~ Till next time,

Sizable Chic

Capes are for more than just superheroes and other lessons learned!

It is finally here. Cooler temps have officially arrived and they came with a vengence. Baby, it’s cold outside!  And you know what that means? Time to pull out your winter wear and get ready for the season.

Since I love the cold weather and I am dreaming of a white winter (despite the snow and ice we saw this past January), I couldn’t wait to break out the winter gear with a double shot of cream from top to bottom.

Winter White Leggings from Ashley Stewart with Zippered Short-Sleeved Top with Texture from Banana Republic  

Of course there were a few who still asked if I knew that Labor Day had passed. You know that old rule that says you can’t wear white after Labor Day? Well lesson #1 : Rules are meant to be broken! This outfit shows you that. It is something about all white that just makes you feel warm and cozy.

And to add drama to the outfit (as if it was needed), I topped it with an updated classic – the trench cape coat. This chic design adds flair to the practical functionality of this cover-up. I purchased this over a year ago, the great thing is that it will never go out of style.  Trench coats and capes have been around for years and don’t look like they are going anywhere.

Trench Cape Coat by Eloquii
Trench Cape Coat by Eloquii

And that brings us to lesson #2: Capes aren’t just for superheroes. I admit, the cape did make me feel a little empowered. Maybe I could save the world or solve the mystery. Who knows? Either way, the coat pulls the winter look together and the camel color ties in nicely with the booties.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Full of Life Booties
Kenneth Cole Reaction Full of Life Booties

Lesson #3: Just because you decide to wear earthy or neutral tones, they don’t have to be drab and boring.  These 3″ stacked heel suede booties are cute and comfortable.

So break the rule and sport your own white look this winter and dare to be sizably chic in a fashionable cape!

It’s handled! No further explanation needed.

Well, maybe a little, for those who have yet to join the league of gladiators. And I am not talking about a strappy sandal or a strong strapping sweaty man clenching a sword and slaying a beast in an arena for the amusement of others. No I am talking about you – the strong, fearless, fierce being known as “woman” who is reading this post! Unless you have been unplugged from the world or under a rock, you have heard of the hit tv show ScandalIf you have seen it and I bet you have, then you have seen its star command a room just by walking in the door. Yes, her character lures you in but her wardrobe grabs you and you say to yourself, “I want that…”

The problem is you aren’t on a television show and you don’t have a personal stylist pulling the best garments from the best designers for you to make your appearance at the office. No you are wishing and wanting and wondering where it came from, where to buy it, how much it costs. But now you don’t have to wonder anymore. Now you too can look like a modern-day gladiator and all it takes is a trip to your local mall or a click on your computer and you can have pieces inspired by Olivia Pope (the show’s main character).


The Scandal collection at The Limited, captures the essence of Olivia Pope, the no-nonsense woman who slays the opponent with her quick wit and ability to fix any imaginable or unimaginable problem for that matter.  The show’s star, Kerry Washington (aka Olivia) and the show’s costume designer created a line that will allow you to be a “Gladiator in a Suit.” Every piece in the collection even reminds you of this with a little red label inside the garment.

The collection debuted on Tuesday, September 23, 2014 at the Limited nationwide and online. And what better way to introduce it to the masses than to throw a party fit for an A-lister right in the store. I attended and enjoyed snacks, giveaways and of course a swag bag. But the star of the party was the collection itself. From tailored pants to silky blouses, from structured jackets to sultry gloves, there is something for everyone! The palate is muted with some pale pastels in the mix. The line says “I’m in charge,” while accentuating your femininity.

Overall the collection was a nice start and there are plans for a holiday and spring collection.  Prices range from $49 to $228.  See my top 2 looks below and check out the entire collection and other great clothes for the woman-in-charge on The Limited website.

The Limited
Plaid Cape                                                                      The Limited

The Limited
Funnel Neck Tweed Jacket                                                                    The Limited

~ Till next time, fellow gladiators!

Sizable Chic

P.S. My Scandal look will be debuting this season. Stay tuned! 🙂

Food! Fun! Friends! Football!

Food! Fun! Friends! Football! All of these are keys ingredients for the perfect tailgate bash. With just 2 days left, hopefully the menus are set, the invites have gone out and your favorite team will bring the pain on Saturday. ROLL TIDE! But there is something else you shouldn’t forget – the fashion.  If you want to be queen of the tailgate bash, you are going to have to toss the jeans aside and wear that college t-shirt some other day. Today’s the day for some chic tailgate fashions that will make you stand out in a crowd. Check out a couple of my game day looks and make your’s Sizable Chic!


Ready for some Alabama football!


This effortless chic dress screams “look at me!” And it is über comfortable. I found this super cute Ellen Tracy dress at Steinmart,  the awesome Michael Kors sandals at DSW,  and houndstooth earrings on clearance at Macy’s and my monogrammed scarf came from a booth at Christmas Village.

Since fashion knows no boundaries, I had to post this look from a few weeks ago. It was inspired by the great bag from ALDO which blended orange and blue to perfection. The rest just came together. This was perfect for dinner with the girls but would also look flawless at your next tailgating event.
Since fashion knows no boundaries, I had to post this look from a few weeks ago. Perfect look for an Auburn girl.

Orange and Blue!


Jacket and Tank – The Limited, Shorts – Lane Bryant, Sandals and shades NY&CO, necklace – Francesca’s, Sterling Silver Earrings – Banana Republic

I would love to see what you come up with. So post your pics in the comments.

Till Next Time,

-Sizable Chic