Starting on your writing journey or need to reignite your passion? Do you want to learn the ins and outs of writing? But you don’t have the time or the funds to obtain an MFA?

Well, that doesn’t mean that you can’t customize your DIY writing-intensive and start your education today.

From masterclasses, online courses, and podcasts, you can learn from writers across all genres and at all stages in their writing careers.

In today’s #bloglikecrazy post, let’s examine masterclasses. Specifically, let’s look at what the site has to offer writers.

First of all, have you heard of The site offers online sessions from some of the world’s greatest minds on a variety of topics. So, if you want to dive into the writing process, join authors like James Patterson or Dan Brown for a class.

If you are interested in writing for younger audiences, maybe a class with Judy Blume or R. L. Stine is what you need.

Want to learn how to write dynamic characters for television, then Shonda Rhimes offers a look into her process.

Have a personal story that you want to get out but need help writing your story, then check out David Sedaris’s MasterClass.

There are so many great classes taught by so many great writers. It is hard to choose just one. The thing about is that you don’t have to pick just one. You can pay one price for an annual membership and instantly gain access to over 90 classes that you can watch at your leisure.

So, in addition to honing your craft, you can explore other passions like cooking with Gordon Ramsey or singing with Christina Aguilera or more. It’s all included in your membership. Plus, exploring other passions is a great way to find writing inspiration.

And the best thing about the membership is that currently, the Black Friday Sale is going on. You can get two memberships for the price of one and can gift an annual membership to a friend. Or you two can split the cost for the first year. That’s just $90 per person or a total of $180 during the sale that is currently happening.

Check out and see if it is right for you. And if you have taken any of these courses, then leave a comment about your experience.

In tomorrow’s post, I will talk about freelance writing and an online course that I highly recommend. So, come back for more ways to DIY your writing education.

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