Four Reasons Why You Want to Plan Your 2021 Travel Now

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As we enter the 2nd to the last month in 2020, it is safe to say that I will not be fulfilling my vision board goal to travel internationally this year. Because of the RONA, I canceled a trip to Paris and London in July. I am bummed-out over missing out on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. But in the big scheme of things, not being able to travel is just a small price to pay (especially when Covid has taken so much from so many.) But even though I am not traveling in 2020, it does not mean I cannot plan for 2021 and beyond. And I am sharing why you should plan now too.

You may be questioning why you should plan now when things are still up in the air. After all, Covid 19 cases are on the rise. But there are several reasons why you should start thinking about where you want to vacation now vs. later and booking it. Here is why.

Four Reasons Why You Want to Plan Your 2021 Travel Now

  1. Deals, Deals, Deals. Yes, with the Coronavirus causing the travel industry to come to a halt this year, airlines, cruises, and hotels are looking for ways to entice you. And what better way to do that than to offer big deals to get the seats filled and the rooms occupied. This is a win for you and for the travel industry!
  2. Availability. As many travelers put off traveling this year, some canceled their plans altogether, while others moved their reservations to the next year. By moving their reservations to next year, this means some travel dates are likely already booked up. That is why it is good to start early to see if you can book some of the prime vacation time you want.
  3. Policy Change. The pandemic’s disruption of the travel industry prompted stakeholders to add more flexibility to their cancellation and postponement policies. While policies vary by each company, these changes have made the policies more customer-centric. Being customer-centric makes it is easier for you, the customer, to book with increased peace of mind. In some cases, you may be able to make reservations now and not pay until you actually travel. Win! Win!
  4. Something to Look Forward to Throughout the Year. This is my biggest reason for booking in advance. Even before the pandemic, I was planning my trips well in advance. Booking ahead not only builds anticipation, it also gives you something to look forward to throughout the year. It makes you feel good and eases stress when you think about getting to escape the pressures of your day. And with COVID raging and other stressors affecting us all, we need something to look forward to in 2021.

Let me know what your travel plans are for 2021 and beyond. Where do you want to go? Have you already booked a once-in-a-lifetime trip?

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