My Writing Life: What I Learned at the 2020 Flourish Writers Conference

As an aspiring freelance writer, I know that developing a writing habit is key to improving. I talk about it in my post here. But in addition to writing, continuing to learn is just as important. That is why in October, I attended the Flourish Writers Conference. The 6-day virtual conference aired free between Oct 6 – 31st. During the virtual conference, thirty-four authors shared personal insight into their writing journey.

Here are a few takeaways from the sessions I attended.

On Day 1, I attended Bonnie Gray’s session. “How to Write Your God Story.” She is the author of Whispers of Rest and Finding Spiritual Whitespace and believes in inspiring female writers to overcome their insecurities and listen to their calling. Here are some takeaways from her session.

• Keep nurturing yourself. As you work on writing your story, remember it is important to feed your soul with God’s Word. Bonnie believes that you are writing because God placed it on your heart. And His words will help you overcome self-doubt and critical thinking.

• Find others on the journey. Find your tribe of like-minded people that are on a similar path. Together, you can stay encouraged. Share ideas. Learn and grow.

• Trust yourself.

• Don’t conform to a formula or what others have done. You are unique. Embrace it.

You can learn more about Bonnie Gray at

I also attended Grace P. Cho’s session, “Leading with Your Message Well.” Grace Cho is a writer, editor, poet, speaker, coach, and leader who works to elevate the voices of women of color in the publishing industry. During her session, she discussed how she struggled to call herself a writer or an editor. While Grace was doing the work, she did not feel qualified. She felt inadequate. She advises that she often compared herself to others. But she explained how she continues to work to overcome this and how you can too. Here are a few takeaways from her session.

• When the imposter syndrome creeps in, and you feel inadequate or feel afraid, reflect on the following:

“What has God called you to do or to be in this moment in this season?”

• Remember your why. Why are you writing?

• Build community. Work to create and cultivate friendships.

• Be grounded in the Word and stay humble.

You can read some of Grace’s work at

I attended several additional sessions including the following: “How to Get Unstuck in Your Writing,” “Creating a Brand that Grows with You,” and “Best Practices for Writing a Children’s Book.” The conference was jam-packed with so much knowledge that I cannot believe it was free. If you get a chance to attend next year, I would recommend it.

Also, you can get the recordings of this year’s 6-day conference for a fee.

Check out their website at

Have you attended any writing conferences this year? Have any recommendations for 2021?
Let me know in the comments.

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