edge Naturale Hair vitamins: A sizable chic review

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

I’m back again with a review for another Edge Naturale product. Delighted to see that the line is expanding, I was excited to give their hair vitamins a try after having a good experience with the Edge Natural Follicle Enhancer. Check out that review here.

Edge Naturale is on a mission to help you “restore your follicles naturally, quickly, and easily” with its evolving line of hair care products. With the follicle enhancer, an all-natural product, working from the outside-in as you use it on your edges, it seems only ‘natural’ that the next step would be to introduce something that can help you do the same from the inside out.

Growing up, many probably remember their momma telling them to take their vitamins. Well, now Edge Naturale is encouraging you to do the same. There are several reasons why women suffer from hair loss or thinning hair. Factors such as stress, medicines, and as Edge Naturale notes on their site, “vitamin deficiencies” can cause hair loss in women. But typically, regular vitamins alone aren’t sufficient to combat these deficiencies. That’s why the company has created its proprietary blend of ingredients and released its vitamins.

Edge Naturale’s vitamins are said to increase hair density, reduce hair loss from combing and washing by fortifying your hair, and it can stimulate nail growth, and enhance your skin as well. By tackling vitamin deficiencies from the inside, you’re not only helping your hair but your skin and nails may also benefit.

What I think: Like Rome wasn’t built in a day, better hair isn’t made overnight. In 30 nights, well, that’s a start. But you must put in the work. These pills are on the large side, and they call for two pills a day. Because I am already using the follicle enhancer, it is hard to pinpoint which product is the more significant contributor to the edge growth I have seen. If anything, I think the vitamins and the follicle enhancer complement each other and only serve to fortify your hair together.

You want to get a healthy routine going for your hair. That’s why I like these two products. Plus, Edge Naturale now has a cleansing/conditioning system that I need to give a try.

But don’t take my word alone; check it out for yourself. Head to Edge Naturale’s site and check out what others are saying. And unlock a 15% discount just for opting in to stay in contact with Edge Naturale.

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~ Sizable Chic

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