Cast A Spell: Last Minute Halloween Look

Ghouls and goblins…witches and fairies, it is time to celebrate the spookiest day of the year! I will admit, I am not a big Halloween person but I do love the costumes and the candy and I like a good party. So when the Fairmont Hotels – San Francisco contacted me and asked me to give my take on Halloween fashion, i didn’t hesitate to take the challenge. Sadly, I am not in Cali so I will not get to take part in what is called the biggest Halloween blowout around, but since I am a fan of the Fairmont Hotels, I said why not!

I decided to look in my closet for a quick get-up and I had just the look in mind – ALL BLACK!  But I needed something else. So I went to Youtube and Pinterest and found some great photos of creative yet easy makeup tips to turn any look from drab to fab. I was torn between a cute feline, a skeleton and spider webs.

Check out my look below to see who I became…


And like that, I went from drab to fab. Seriously, it took about 1 hour to get my spider and the web just right. While you can find great tutorials out there, I simply found the picture I liked and embellished.  All you need to create this look is

1.  black eyeliner (Perfect for all of the lines and of course the spider)

2. black mascara (Great for accenting your eyes.)

3. eyeshadow (use what colors you like. I went with silver and white to add more depth.)

I am sure you have some black on your closet and can pull together a look in a matter of minutes. I chose a black sheer duster from Ashley Stewart, a black tank and black leggings. And to top it off, I picked the hat up from the Dollar Tree after work today, along with the makeup.

I spent a grand total of $5.00.

So dust off your wings, sharpen your fangs, let’s make it a thriller. And if you are ever looking for a great hotel to stay at that is luxurious and sophisticated and fun and relaxing wrapped into one, check out a Fairmont Hotel.

I would love to see your chic Halloween looks. Connect with me on Instagram. Tag me at @sizablechic.

Till next time

Sizable Chic

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