I am glad it is Friday. It has been a long week. I am looking forward to getting some much-needed R&R and, hopefully, catching up on a few projects.

I want to get back to writing my #bloglikecrazy posts ahead of time. Because I have been so busy and exhausted, I find myself running up to the last minute each day to complete my post. And today, Friday the 13th, is even worse. I can barely keep my eyes open as I type this.

I had a topic I wanted to write about today, but I don’t have the energy to do it justice. So, I was looking for inspiration. And I found it in a post by Javacia Harris Bowser creator and founder of See Jane Write. The post is entitled Currently, and it is a compilation of the things Javacia is currently watching, reading, writing, planning, and loving. In the feature, she talks about the book she is currently reading, what she’s currently working on, etc. She ends the post by asking the reader to share what they are watching, reading, writing, planning, and loving.

Here is my response.

Watching: (Re-watching) Warrior Nun

An orphan teen wakes up in a morgue only to discover she now has superpowers. And while she wants to enjoy the fact that she is no longer a quadriplegic, she is torn between the demonic and divine and her obligations to do what is right.

Netflix’s Warrior Nun was renewed for a 2nd season (YAY!) but COVID 19 caused production delays (BUMMER!). I am anxiously awaiting new episodes. I need to know what is going to happen.

Reading: Do It Afraid Embracing Courage in The Face of Fear by Joyce Meyer

In this book, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Joyce Meyer shows you how to recognize and conquer the fears that are holding you back. She discusses how you have to listen to God and obey his words to live free and abundantly.

She recounts how when she received God’s calling, he told her to quit her job. But because of fear, she didn’t obey him. While she left her full-time job, she got a part-time job, but her life didn’t grow as she thought. It wasn’t until she submitted to His will that the pieces came together. But she was afraid.

She had to understand her fears, confront them, and change her mindset. This book will help you learn how to Do It Afraid.

Writing: Books, Screenplay, and More.

This month, I am tweaking the draft of my debut children’s book and working on the draft of my 2nd children’s book about a princess. I am working on a screenplay as well.

Also, I have a few pitches I plan to get out before the month is over.

Planning: To launch my book and my inspirational apparel line. And to learn more about freelancing.

I am planning to launch my book by the end of 2020 and my inspirational apparel line by Q2 of 2021. I try to work on both of these projects each week.

I am also planning to attend a free webinar this Sunday hosted by See Jane Write. The webinar, So You Think You Can Freelance, is to kick off the relaunch of Javacia’s course See Jane Freelance. I will be there Sunday, November 15th at 6:00 pm and I think you should join me if you have ever wanted to be a freelance writer.

Loving: My Creative Life!

By day, I am a corporate girl, but by night, I am a blogger, writer, poet. This year, I decided I wanted to be a freelance writer. So, I am working to make this a reality.

I now have a few published essays under my belt. Some I have received compensation for and others I received free subscriptions or free admissions to writing festivals.

So, what are you watching, reading, writing, planning, or loving?

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I am a fashion/lifestyle blogger who seriously believes in retail therapy. An artist at heart, I love painting, drawing, writing and anything that lets me express myself. I love all animals, Justin Timberlake, Hallmark movies, apple pie and Nelly!


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