The education of a writer: part Deux – FReelance writing

Yesterday, we talked about the site which allows you to learn from the likes of Shondra Rhimes and R.L. Stine, and others. The classes run the gamut of topics such as writing for television to writing for young audiences to writing essays to writing poetry. Check it out here.

In today’s #bloglikecrazy post, I am continuing my look at ways to DIY your writing-intensive to further your writing goals.

Let’s talk about jumpstarting your freelance writing career. Did you know that you can break into freelance writing even if you don’t have a journalism degree or experience? Yes. It can be done with the right people in your corner – encouraging you, lighting the path, and giving you the tools to succeed.

That’s what Javacia Harris Bowser of See Jane Write provides.

In the writing community she has created, Javacia, a full-time freelance writer encourages her fellow ‘Janes’ to go after what they want. She wants us all to be goal-diggers. Each week she celebrates your wins within the community and cheers you on each month as you set monthly goals and join in on writing sessions and peer critiques.

Javacia also works to light the path for fellow writers. She offers sessions that help you learn how to tell your story, find a home for your writing, and urges you to “shoot your shot” by providing leads on magazines and websites looking for writers. She even provides individual and group coaching sessions.

In addition to encouraging you and lighting a path, Javacia is always looking for ways to give you the tools to succeed. And she has done this again with her updated e-course “See Jane Freelance.”

Whether you’re looking to earn extra income for your family or start a new career, freelancing can help you write your way to your dreams.

And Javacia can attest to this. She is living proof that freelancing can give you the life you want. In a year of uncertainty, she is killing the freelancing game as a full-time freelancer after quitting her day job as an English teacher last year. And with Javacia’s help, I’ve made some extra income this year as I got clear on my desire to be a freelance writer.

“See Jane Freelance” can provide you with the clarity you need too.

Under Javacia’s tutelage, in this course, you will learn:

● journalism jargon so you can confidently speak like an industry professional
● journalism ethics
● why you should blog and how to get started
● how to never run out of story ideas
● how to find publications that pay
● why writing for local media outlets could be your key to success
● how to pitch like a pro
● how to conduct research and interviews
● how to network with other writers and why you should
● why writers should think like an influencer
● social media tips and tricks for writers
● how to write clean, compelling copy that will make you an editor’s favorite writer
● how to turn your life into a story that sells
● how to manage your money and your mindset

And if that isn’t enough, there’s more.

You will also get access to exclusive interviews with editors and fellow writers discussing a variety of topics including:

● how to write for your favorite websites
● how to pitch to local and regional magazine editors
● how to sell a story to a major national magazine
● how to break into writing for trade publications
● how to break into arts and culture writing
● how to nail down your writing niche
● how to supplement your income with copywriting

Ready to sign up? Wondering how much something like this will cost you?

Well, the cost is just $297 for everything I outlined above. That’s a great deal. And you will have access for the life of the course. So anytime it is updated, or you need to brush up on a certain topic, it will be available to you.

But wait, because you’ve got me in your corner, I want to help you on your journey.
Use the code LAKISHA20 to get 25% off the course between now and Dec. 1. That means you won’t pay $297, instead, you will get the entire course for $222.75. That’s a savings of over $74. YAY!!!

To enroll, click here and don’t forget the code LAKISHA20.

Yes. Black Friday came early this year. So treat yourself. Do something for you and sign up now! Enrollment ends on Dec. 1st.

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