Fresh Squeezed: Feeling fresh and perky in my Eva Mendes dress

Each time I wear this dress, I get plenty of compliments. I’ve worn it to work and it makes me feel so feminine and empowered. I call it my June Cleaver dress because it reminds me of the character on Leave it to Beaver. The wise, sophisticated homemaker that did it all while looking fierce. It looks dainty and demure, pretty and polished. The fitted bodice and the full skirt is a signature look of the Eva Mendes collection at New York and Company. Eva has said herself that she loves old hollywood glam and this dress showcases that love perfectly.  I fell in love at first sight. Each time I see it, it makes me think of a famous saying…

pic with yellow logo

“When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” Everyone knows this old adage and if you didn’t, Beyonce spelled it out for you last night.


Felicity Dress- Lemon Print – Eva Mendes Collection: New York and Company 

Cece Italian-Made Ballet Flats in Suede – J Crew (last season)

So do you like the Eva Mendes Collection? What are your fav pieces this season? Do you have any lemon gear? Show me your style. Follow me on Instagram.

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17 thoughts on “Fresh Squeezed: Feeling fresh and perky in my Eva Mendes dress

  1. Glad you did this post, here is why. I have been looking at Eva collection trying to see the different types of dresses and cuts to see how it sits on curves. I would so love this as a skirt.

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    1. Hi. Her collection is very curve friendly and there is a skirt and it maybe on sale now. Thanks for the comment. Sorry for the ate response. I was under the weather.


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