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In today’s edition of Travel Tuesday, I am talking about what to do with all of those vacation photos you take.

If you are anything like me, you probably take hundreds and hundreds (or thousands) of photos when you go on vacation. I capture everything from food to clothes to destinations etc. I love taking photos.

With a plan in mind, I take all these photos because I know that I want to do something with them when I get home.

No, I don’t just leave them on the memory card. Especially, when that memory card is likely going to get tossed in a drawer, and after a few months, I don’t know where it is or what’s actually on it anymore.

Instead, I plan to turn them into a keepsake by creating a photobook. This way I can create something that I can hold in my hand, share with friends and family and look over time and time again.

My last trip to the Mexican Riviera was no different. You can see some of the photos in my post – Halloween on the High Seas.

I’ve created photo books for many of my past trips and everyone who sees them usually compliments me on how nice they look and they want to know how I create them.

Typically, I search discount sites like Groupon or LivingSocial for a deal on photobooks. But this time I responded to a Facebook ad for SaalDigital who was offering a $150 voucher towards a photo book in exchange for a review. I didn’t know if it was legit. But, I decided to give it a shot.

After receiving my voucher, I went to work creating my photobook.

The voucher was for a Saal Professional Line Photo Book.

Here’s my honest review of the photo book.

The book came in the mail in a cardboard box. I was surprised by the weight of the package, and when I opened it, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Even though I saw the description of the book I was creating, I was a little skeptical that the cover would indeed be acrylic. But it is acrylic, and it is beautiful.

Acrylic cover of photo book

The book is 12 x 12, and the 20 pages are super glossy. While the front is my photo from Cabo, the back is black leather. I love the look and the feel of the book. I just wish I had included more pages.

This is typically the size I use when creating photo books with other vendors. But the price point is higher. The total cost was approximately $164.00, and I could only use $135 of the $150 voucher since the product was on sale for 15% off. That meant I paid approximately $29.

While I love the book, I can’t see paying this much for a vacation keepsake to place on my coffee table. But I think it would be perfect for a portfolio or a gift. And of course, the price would go down if you choose a different size and some other options besides this Professional book.

Saal-Digital’s software was user-friendly after a while. Probably, over time, it would get better. There was a video that explained how to use the software and it was okay. The voice was a little monotonous.

I would recommend this to someone who wants a professional photo book for photography or want it to stand out on any coffee table.

What do you do with your photos? Have you ever made a photo book? Do you create any other keepsakes? Have you ever used Saal-Digital? What do you think? Leave a note.

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