Forgetting the Distractions and Falling Back in Love

With the change in seasons, my mind always starts to think of all the things I wanted to do but didn’t get done. When Spring comes, I obviously think of rebirth and renewal and when summer ushers in, I think of the extra long days and all the things I could do in that extra daylight. I can hang out at the park and write or at a coffee shop somewhere. Then we have the colder months, when I choose to be inside the house where I can snuggle up with my laptop and write til my fingers tingle from exhaustion. But alas, these are mere thoughts.

I find myself distracted by life. Preparing dinner, fixing lunch for the next day, taking the dog out, getting clothes ready, scrolling through insta or facebook, catching up on SWAT or HTGAWM or some other show, texting friends, on the phone with family, working on this or that. And while many of these things are necessary and some I just want to do, I have to start limiting the time spent on these so called distractions so that I can fall back in love with what I believe is my purpose – writing to encourage and inspire others. That is why I vow to write a blog post every day in the month of November.

This November, join me as I share posts on living a sizably chic life one dish, one outfit, and one trip at a time. As we prepare for 2020, we will explore vacationing in places like the Smoky Mountains & NOLA, cruising the high seas with Disney Cruise Line, ways to celebrate your special day, subscription meal plans like EveryPlate, and so much more.

I hope you follow along on this journey by subscribing to my blog and connecting with me on insta.

Leave a comment and tell me how you are forgetting the distractions. What is it that you want to fall back in love with? I look forward to reading your comments and connecting with you soon.

~ Til Next Time,
Sizable Chic

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I am a fashion/lifestyle blogger who seriously believes in retail therapy. An artist at heart, I love painting, drawing, writing and anything that lets me express myself. I love all animals, Justin Timberlake, Hallmark movies, apple pie and Nelly!

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