Keeping Traditions Going 20+ Years Later at The Annual Greek Food Festival in Birmingham, Alabama

If you know me, then you probably know that I love a good food festival. In fact, when I travel other places, that’s the first thing I look for in that city. I plan my days around street festivals, farmers markets, food truck gatherings etc. These events are were you truly get to know the city, its people, its heritage, and you often get to taste some really good food too. The Greek Food Festival held at Holy Trinity-Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Cathedral yearly is no exception. In fact, it is probably what has inspired my love of festivals most.

See my love of the Greek Food Festival started more than 20 years ago when my mom brought home these doughnuts that changed my life forever. Yes, they are that good! Ever since that day, I look forward to the start of October and my mom and friends remind when they start seeing signs go up around town announcing the days for this can’t miss event. My mouth has begun to water for these sweet delicious doughy concoctions dripping in honey and covered in cinnamon just thinking about next year. I wish that you could taste the greatness though this screen but you will have to settle for a picture.

Greek doughnuts from The Greek Food Festival

The festival sends your senses on a journey to a faraway land without the jet-lag. The atmosphere takes hold of your smell and offers so much more than mouth-watering loukoumades, like other authentic Greek dishes. Sounds of Greek music and dancing capture your ears and your eyes can’t help but wonder over the Mediterranean goods and souvenirs in the market place. With places to sit and eat with new and old friends, order take-out and even drive thru available, you get a sense of a lively Greek community. (Looking at some of the paintings and other wares you’ll find at the festival took me back to my visit to Athens and made me wish I was there again.)

If you haven’t had the chance to partake in the festival, you are missing out. The tons of repeat attendees will tell you that this is a can’t miss event and one they look forward to every year. Since 1972, the Greek Food Festival has been a Birmingham tradition and it has been mine for more than 20 years. Going to the festival makes you feel good and will leave you anxiously waiting for the next one.

Have you attended the Greek Food Festival in Birmingham before? Do you have a favorite dish? Have you ever had the Greek doughnuts? Do you like food festivals? What’s your favorite festival? Let me know in the comments.

Hopefully, I just might see you at the next food festival.

~ Til next time,

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