The 3rd Piece is Key: Elevate your style with this simple tip (Part Deux)

So I have mentioned this before but one of the things anyone can do to elevate their style is to add that third piece. Adding a “third” piece pulls your look together. It makes you look complete and gives you style credibility. This is the reason that some retailers have their associates employ this simple trick.

Back in March, we looked at a winterized outfit including a scarf, vest, and boots. Now, with a few more months of warmer weather, here’s a look at a way to add that third piece without covering up. While this can be tricky, it can be achieved.

For example, take this outfit.  The cropped pant and black shirt have a lot of character on their own.  The cropped pant’s wide leg with the gigantic flower print effortlessly commands attention. All the more reason to top it with a more subdued shirt. So I chose a black shirt to contrast the bold green in the pant. But I still wanted some flare and the peplum didn’t disappoint. Finally, I cinched in the waist with this black skinny belt. However, the piece de resistance is the chunky silver necklace and oversized earrings.

Sometimes one key piece just doesn’t do and you have to add that third, forth, or fifth piece to achieve a signature look. superwoman pose

Hoop earrings – New York and Company

Necklace – Charming Charlie

Peplum shirt – New York and Company

Cropped Pant – JcPenney

Wedges – Eric Michael

Tell me what you think. Have you mastered this style tip? So me your 3rd piece and how it elevated your look. Comment, like, share, follow.

And check out Part I of The 3rd Piece is Key: Elevate your style with this simple tip here.

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23 thoughts on “The 3rd Piece is Key: Elevate your style with this simple tip (Part Deux)

  1. Cute outfit. I like the silver. Sometimes I add a third piece with bracelets but maybe a necklace would make a better statement.


  2. I love how the bold necklace ties the outfit together! I’m just learning about how essential a third piece can be, but it can take your look up to the next level.

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