MAXImum Effect: The Benefits of a Maxi Dress

Sometimes the rain can cause you to change your plans and even your outfit. But this look is so effortless that not even the rain would keep me from wearing it. I love maxi dresses for a number of reasons and I wanted to share why you should too.

#4 Coverage

If you want to look chic but you are concerned about a few extra pounds, a maxi dress can camouflage your problem areas.


#3 Shaving your legs is optional

Yes, I said it. SHAVING…IS…OPTIONAL! Some mornings there just isn’t enough time to shave my legs so a maxi dress hides this. (I had shaved though. :-))


#2 They are super dainty

Dresses scream I am woman anyway but the added length creates more of a feminine vibe. And while it is giving maximum coverage, the halter adds the right amount of drama.


#1 They are supper comfy.

Maxi dresses are the easiest thing to wear to look pulled together but still feel comfortable.


Do you like maxi dresses? Why or why not? Show me how you wear it.

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Till next time,

Sizable Chic