4 Fall Must Haves

4 fall must haves

Fall officially began last week and the weather made a subtle shift from dry and hot to cooler and damp. One day my friends and I were debating whether it was time to pull out the boots to actually donning a pair of booties the next (and it was well warranted.) So with the change in seasons, comes the need to change your wardrobe. I wish we all had unlimited funds and could go out and buy all new garb every season but most of us don’t have it like that. So we have to be discerning with our coins and chose wisely when picking the latest trend. I mean we all know that most of it is here today and gone tomorrow. But these 4 looks have stood the test of time and can elevate your wardrobe to the next level.

  1. The Floppy Hat This hat adds instant flair to any look. I admit I have a few of these in various colors. My navy pairs well with denim and blue ensembles. But other neutrals like brown and tan are perfect for this season’s color palette.       Check out this burgundy floppy from SimplyBe.


2.   Ponchos…Capes…Shawls Outerwear is always a good idea when the temperature drops. It doesn’t have to just be functional but rather it can add drama to your look. This cape is from ILY.


3.  Fringe Okay. So there is a 70s revival going on and fringe is the centerpiece. Everywhere you look you can find the trim on just about anything – be it a jacket or a skirt. But if you want to add just a little boho chic to your closet, opt for a purse or a belt. Like this belt from Dorothy Perkins.


4. Booties Are perfect for just about any outfit. They look great with jeans and pants in the winter and can be worn with shirts and dresses or even shorts when the weather is warmer. So they are prefect for Fall and with this peep-toe look from Macy’s, you can wear these for an extended period.


So tell me what you think. Do you have floppy hat you love? What about the cape trend? Thumbs up or down? Is fringe too much? Show me how you wear your booties. Comment below. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter for style inspiration and visit my Facebook page here.

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