Extra! Extra! Read all about it. All here in Black and White!

I can’t wait for Spring! I love the sound of birds chirping, crisp warm air, the brightness of the sun, the smell of fresh cut grass and the myriad of colors blooming on the trees and plants. There will be lighter coats, boots will make their last showing in some parts of the world and clothes will go from layer upon layer to just a few pieces.
Shades of yellow are forecasted to be a hit and flowers will be growing on everything from your shirt to your skirt. But no matter the trends that are ahead, there is one color combo that remains classic through out time and can be worn for any occasion. That’s black and white!

Check out the video below on a few looks I put together. When the weather warms a little more, I will be sporting all of these looks. I hope you enjoy. Continue reading “Extra! Extra! Read all about it. All here in Black and White!”