Sizable Chic Eats: Zoes Kitchen

***Please be advised that this giveaway and the post are sponsored by Zoës Kitchen. All of the views expressed are my own.***  Outdoor Advertising Creative

Guess who’s turning 20? Zoës Kitchen! And they are celebrating this milestone with the #ZoesLoveBham campaign. This celebration kicked off on June 10th and runs until June 29th. You seriously want to check out all of the things they have planned this week. From celebrating with cake (I hope it’s that chocolate cake. It is to die for!) on Thursday, June 18th to a scavenger hunt for gift cards on Monday, June 29th, they have a host of goodness to share.

And there is no denying that Zoës Kitchen is serving up more that delicious goodness you can eat. Not only are they giving back to Birmingham with giveaways and surprises, but they are volunteering too. This week Team Zoes will be volunteering at Alabama Children’s Hospital, Habitat For Humanity, Jimmy Hale Mission, amongst other places. Check out all the celebratory goodness at

I know you want to help them celebrate! So today, Zoës is giving away Mediterranean Family Meals on social media. Say what!!!??? Yes! That’s right. They are giving away a $40 gift card to a lucky winner and it could be you.

Check out @sizablechic on Instagram for instructions on how to enter. This giveaway runs until Thursday, June 18th. And a winner will be announced later that day.

So tell me what your favorite dish is at Zoës Kitchen. What are you ordering if you win? Ok, doesn’t really matter if you win (Winning is good though!) because you are going there anyway or asking your coworker to bring you back a piece of cake!

Till Next Time

-Sizable Chic

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