Sizable Chic Eats: Brunch at Yo’ Mama’s

So a few weeks back I was in search of a good place to take two of my favorite ladies, my mom and my grandmother. I wanted to celebrate Mother’s Day.  After asking some of my foodie friends for suggestions on where to get brunch, I finally settled on Yo’ Mama’s. (Yes! That is the name.)

Yo' Mama's Meals made fresh.
Yo’ Mama’s Meals made fresh.

Nestled in the heart of downtown and in the midst of other chic eateries, sits this unassuming little restaurant. While the space may be little, the food is anything but…I knew what I was getting as soon as I hit the door. Chicken and Waffles!!! I will admit that eating at Yo’ Mama’s was a little self-serving. I wanted to check out this dish because I haven’t really grasped the concept. I have tried “chicken and waffles” at many places and I just didn’t get it. From Tod English PUB to Gladys Knight’s, I wondered why. Why do people like this so much? So I tasted a piece of the chicken and my taste buds were pleased. Then, I drizzled the homemade cinnamon syrup on the waffle and my nose was delightful. Finally, I took a bite and I had my answer. This right here is what people are talking about.  Now, you can jazz it up and add some fruit toppings if you want but I wanted a plain waffle and chicken and I was not disappointed. I knew then that I had to go back.

Yo'Mama's Chicken and Waffles Birmingham Blogger On my next visit, I ventured out some. The “Sweet and Spicy” wings were okay but I prefer the fried wings. But not every item is available everyday. Yo Mama’s has some staples but they also feature a “Meal of the Day.” If you want to know what it is, sign up for email updates at (And try not to lick the screen.  Everything looks so good!)Yo' Mama's Sweet and Spicy Wings

Besides the chicken and waffles and the spicy wings, I have had the macaroni and cheese, string beans, and french fries and they all get my stamp of approval.

Yo' Mama's Restaurant

Yo’ Mama’s offers home cooking made fresh Monday – Friday 10:30 am to 2:30 pm.  While the signage states they are closed on Saturday and Sunday, they do offer a brunch from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm on the 2nd and last Saturday of the month. I hear that the “shrimp and grits” are delicious and I am anxious to try the catfish.

I will definitely go back and have more chicken and waffles and some of that syrup! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm good!

Check out Yo’ Mama’s Restaurant located at 2328 2nd Ave N Birmingham AL 35203.  Yo’ Mama’s is serving up some tasty goodness everyday and that’s no joke!

If you have already checked it out, tell me what you think. If you have suggestions on other great places to try for brunch, let me know.

Til next time,

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