What Goes Around Comes Back Around: Why You Shouldn’t Throw Out Your Favorite Jeans

Hello all!

Hope you had a groovy weekend! I sure did and I am loving this sunshine, man. I hope it sticks around. Even with the warm weather, one of my go to looks is anything with a pair of jeans. Funny because I recall a time when I owned roughly one pair. This wasn’t too long ago either. Now, fast forward, and I have too many to count.

Granted, I usually don’t wear them all in one season. Normally, each new season brings in a trendy silhouette that I have to cop – like the joggers this year. Luv them! Found an awesome pair at Forever21. But I haven’t fallen in love with the embellished or the patchwork. Just wait a minute and I am sure someone will make a pair I must have. But for now, I am sticking with my new favorite or is it my old favorite. Anyway, see these jeans are at least 6 years old (may be a little older). And they have been packed up in a bin labeled “Maybe One Day.” Because I said, “Maybe, one day, they will be in style again.” “Maybe, one day, the world will realize how chic a pair of flare jeans can be.” Now that day has come. Well for me at least.

Check out my latest Boho Chic looks in my super comfy flares. 2015 trends - flare jeans 7 white mesh top

White Mesh Layer Top – Banana Republic

Flares – New York and Company

Sandals – K&G

2015 trends mesh shirt

2015 trends flare jeans

Floral Blouse – Marshalls

Shades – New York and Company

2015 trends florals

2015 trends flare jeans

Peacock Shirt – Belk

Gold Feather Necklace – New York and Company

Criss Cross Wedges with Gold Studs – New York and Company

I have gotten so many compliments on these jeans and everyone has asked where I purchased them. Even out shopping I had a woman ask me about the jeans. I am so excited that I didn’t get rid of them. And I love the tops that all made each look distinct and paid homage to the 70s. The blue shades made it all the more funky. And I am digging the sporty chic buckle sandals that I scored for just $20. I have been spying some similar styles for upwards of $80 to $200 and more.

Maybe next time, I will dress up the flares a bit. What do you think of the Boho Chic movement? Got a pair of jeans you need to pull back out? Loving this 70s trend? Tell me all about. Comment, tweet, like or something!

Stay groovy,

Sizable Chic

Can you dig!

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