What I Wore Wednesday

When I put together an outfit, I take inspiration from everywhere. It can be textures or shapes or color combos that spark my creativity. With my azaleas blooming, I couldn’t help but take note of the pretty pink and green tones. For those who know me, you know I love my pink and green! This fresh color combo highlights Spring’s glory on this bright sunny day! I kept the outfit basic with green dress slacks, nude flats, and my favorite denim jacket.

Tulidesigns.com; pink and green; spring color combos

Tuli; pink and green; sizable chic.com

But I wanted some feminine touches – like the cutesy white blouse with the bottom ruffle and the necklace. THAT NECKLACE. I love it! It is so unique! The necklace is that oh-so-fabulous 3rd piece that pulls the look together. Remember the 3rd piece is key and a necklace is a great way to follow this tip into the spring and summer months. (For more on the 3rd piece, click here.)

Tuli; What I Wore Wednesday

And with statement necklaces all around, this is a fresh take on the idea! It makes more than a statement! It is art! This is my favorite new accessory. I purchased this chic, sophisticated necklace at last year’s Junior League’s Market Noel. It was there that I met the owner and creator of Tuli. Tuli makes elegant scarfs in beautiful hues and they also fashion some of those scarfs into these great necklaces. Check out this great necklaces and scarfs at www.tulidesigns.com.

Until next time,

Sizable Chic

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