Welcome to a new Sizable Chic feature: What I Wore Wednesday.

Every week I will post a look that I love. It will be an outfit that I am loving at the moment or a great new addition to my wardrobe.

   So check out today’s look and enjoy!

Sweater: Banana Republic

Blouse and Necklace: New York and Company

Pants: Eva Mendes for New York and Company

These wide leg pants are my fav. They are so classic and comfy. Paired with the oversized blouse, this relaxed look is effortlessly chic. The slit front sweater was key in winterizing the outfit, as the pant and shirt are super thin and will transition well into Spring. I couldn’t pass up the sweater last week at Banana Republic. With 30% off and some rewards to use, I scored this versatile sweater for less than $30.  It retails for $89. Winning! Also, the ultra cute tassel necklace was a steal at NY&CO a little while back for less than $5.00. Sometimes it pays to pick up something here and there even if you don’t know what it is going with at that moment.

Til Next Time,

Sizable Chic

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