Earning my stripes!

There are those who will tell you to stay away from stripes especially horizontal ones. “Stripes make you look bigger,” they say. And who wants that? But I am here to say, “Forget the haters and get your stripes on.”

For those who really know me, then you know that when it comes to fashion, I have an affinity for stripes! Maybe that’s because the lines are so clean and structured and they give you this ready-made look of being put together. (Check out the cover photo.) Or maybe because they conjure up these whimsical thoughts of sailboats and soothing water. When the weather warms, I am all over the nautical look. (Even though it is cold, cold, cold out there, I am dying to pull out my white boat shoes! Color combos of navy and variations of white dance in my head. I know I am not alone????

I still remember the advice that style guru Tim Gunn of Project Runway fame gave the audience years ago when I met him at an event in Birmingham. He had spent time giving tips to the audience on many of the style questions that perplex us and he advised to pay close attention to the scale and color story your stripes are telling. Basically, he said you would have to be your own judge as to whether the look works for you. Funny thing is I was wearing stripes and I was a little afraid to meet him and hear what he was going to say. But he complimented me on my trendy cold shoulder t-shirt with multi-color stripes.


And I never looked back. I have so many pieces that have stripes that I wonder if people think I have the same thing on sometimes (haha). Striped t-shirts and sweaters, dresses and skirts, pursues and shoes. I try to tell myself that I can’t buy one more piece with stripes but I end up with it.

So when I saw this next look in one of my favorite stores, I could not pass it up. After all, this look is usually reserved for the warm weather, but I think the Limited had us “nautical fanatics” in mind when they created this gorgeous cowl neck navy and cream fringed poncho. The stripes aren’t horizontal or vertical but rather diagonal.  This paired with cream dress slacks and navy shoes created a look worth saluting!


Poncho – The Limited; Slacks – Eva Mendes for New York and Company; Shoes – Nine West 

So go out there, create your own waves and earn your stripes!

Till next time – Sizable Chic

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I am a fashion/lifestyle blogger who seriously believes in retail therapy. An artist at heart, I love painting, drawing, writing and anything that lets me express myself. I love all animals, Justin Timberlake, Hallmark movies, apple pie and Nelly!

6 thoughts on “Earning my stripes!

  1. Nice article and photo. I have some cream dress slacks that I have not worn yet this season, but you have given me some ideas…Thanks SC..


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