In 2015, write the story of you!


It’s that time of the year when everyone starts making resolutions and deciding that somehow they fell short of (insert goal here).  You proclaimed that 2014 was going to be your year and then as you wait for the ball to drop, some of you wonder what happened.  Maybe you didn’t pass that exam or get that promotion. Maybe you didn’t win the lottery or lose that last 5 pounds. Maybe you had a breakup or some other loss. There are so many things that could have happened because that is life.

But I bet other things happened, good things that you just gloss over. Maybe in your eyes they were small. Maybe you can’t even remember what it was now and I can’t blame you because 2014 is kind of a blur for me (And I haven’t started celebrating yet unless you count the sugar overdose from the cake I just baked.). That is why I am choosing to memorialize the good moments in 2015, no matter how small they may seem in that minute. And I challenge you to do the same.

Take a minute to jot down “little wins” as you accomplish a goal or something good happens to you. You can either start a Journal of Gratitude or keep a “Gratitude Jar.” Personally, I love journals and have tons of them lying around but I also think the “Gratitude Jar” is a cute idea.

Take a mason jar. Tie a pretty ribbon around it with a sign that says “Gratitude Jar” and when something good happens, write it on a strip of paper and place it in that jar. At the end of 2015, go back and read what you have written. I am sure it will bring back a host of emotions that will make you appreciate the things that made 2015 a Sizable year!

~ Till Next Time – Sizable Chic

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I am a fashion/lifestyle blogger who seriously believes in retail therapy. An artist at heart, I love painting, drawing, writing and anything that lets me express myself. I love all animals, Justin Timberlake, Hallmark movies, apple pie and Nelly!

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