Scarves! To Infinity and Beyond

When the weather gets nippy, the first thing I reach for is a scarf. Not only does it keep a girl’s throat from getting scratchy, but it can dress up any look. That’s why I have an abundance of them…too many to count. And it doesn’t matter the length, the style, the pattern, or the color because your scarf can be a mere accent or the focal point of your outfit. It all depends on how you wear it.  And there are tons of ways to tie a scarf from simple to elaborate. I get asked all the time to help friends and family get their scarf just right. And I don’t mind. But there are tutorials all across the web waiting to help you master the art of wearing a scarf. You would be amazed at the looks you can create with a simple piece of fabric.

Check out this tutorial from Nordstrom that gives you a step-by-step look at different ways to spice up any outfit.  But my latest favorite look is actually a simple style to master. All you need is a scarf and your favorite belt and you can make any outfit chic.

This look is as easy as 1-2-3.


Step 1:  Fold scarf in half

Step 2: Place over neck

Step 3: Place belt around the waist

And there you have a chic sophisticated look to add spice to you outfit.

~ Sizable Chic

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I am a fashion/lifestyle blogger who seriously believes in retail therapy. An artist at heart, I love painting, drawing, writing and anything that lets me express myself. I love all animals, Justin Timberlake, Hallmark movies, apple pie and Nelly!

One thought on “Scarves! To Infinity and Beyond

  1. Love the look. It was simple and easy to do. Why can’t I think of stuff like that? Keep the fashion tips coming. I have a lot of scarfs too. Gonna try to do this. I may send you a pic of my Sizable Chic style.


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