10 things I am crushing on right now…In other words, #bloglikecrazy!!!!

So while my blog is about sizable chic style, I have been challenged to write a post every day this month. That means I will be pumping out topics other than fashion which is ok with me (and I hope ok with my readers). I admit I have fallen short and it is just the first week but I am a work in progress. I am trying to get back up on that horse and put pen to paper. So I will #bloglikecrazy in the coming weeks.

Today, I thought I would talk about the 10 things I am crushing on right now. (These are in no particular order.)

1. How to Get Away with Murder – This is probably one of the best shows on tv in a long time. It is a hour long suspense thriller every week. Great job Shonda!

2. Cookie Jam – Yes, it is similar to Candy Crush and equally as addictive. But when I leave the office, it helps me decompress!

3. The Voice – Adam, Blake, Gwen, Pharrell! Do I need to say more!?!? Cause I’m Happy!!!

4. Homemade Cheesy Bacon and Ranch Fries – These are to die for, especially if you have some gooooood tasting ranch dressing like the kind they serve at Lonestar (I have to drive across town to get it but it is worth it.). And if you don’t want to feel sooooo guilty, use the Alexia 98% Fat Free Smart Classics Roasted Crinkle Cut Fries.

5. Voluspa Maison Jardin Candle from Anthropologie. I love the Amaranth & Jasmine scent but they are all heavenly.

6. Silver Hoop Earrings from Banana Republic – The gold are crush-worthy too. Hoops are classic and depending on the size they can add a little edge to a polished look.

7. Gold Bond Ultimate Rough & Bumpy Skin Daily Therapy Cream – It’s a miracle moisturizer. Actually, 8 intensive moisturizers make your skin feel softer in like a week. Check it out in these cold winter months and see the difference.

8. All things ALDO! They have some of the cutest handbags like the stripped one featured in my post on game day style. And the shoes are great too.

9. Sweet Tea – The addiction has grown. It is like liquid gold…literally and I can’t get enough of it. I particularly love Gold Peak Tea’s Brewed Taste Sweet Tea that is perfectly chilled in your Walmart or Tar-get freezer! Thanks to my friend Patrice for getting me hooked on this. At least it is better than my soda addiction.

10. Strawberry cake from Edgar’s Bakery. Seriously, with my birthday, friends’ birthdays, and just a serious hankering for it, I have found ever reason in the world to get a slice. But if you taste it, you will see that there doesn’t have to be a special occasion. It’s…that…good!

~ Till next time,

Sizable Chic

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I am a fashion/lifestyle blogger who seriously believes in retail therapy. An artist at heart, I love painting, drawing, writing and anything that lets me express myself. I love all animals, Justin Timberlake, Hallmark movies, apple pie and Nelly!

2 thoughts on “10 things I am crushing on right now…In other words, #bloglikecrazy!!!!

  1. Love the crushes topic. It should be a regular surprise feature. Like Oprah’s “Favorite Things”….here is Sizable Chic’s “Top 10 Crushes”…Now if you can deliver these crushes to my doorstep that would be even better!!! Keep the blogs coming.

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