Scarves! To Infinity and Beyond

When the weather gets nippy, the first thing I reach for is a scarf. Not only does it keep a girl’s throat from getting scratchy, but it can dress up any look. That’s why I have an abundance of them…too many to count. And it doesn’t matter the length, the style, the pattern, or the color because your scarf can be a mere accent or the focal point of your outfit. It all depends on how you wear it.  And there are tons of ways to tie a scarf from simple to elaborate. I get asked all the time to help friends and family get their scarf just right. And I don’t mind. But there are tutorials all across the web waiting to help you master the art of wearing a scarf. You would be amazed at the looks you can create with a simple piece of fabric.

Check out this tutorial from Nordstrom that gives you a step-by-step look at different ways to spice up any outfit.  But my latest favorite look is actually a simple style to master. All you need is a scarf and your favorite belt and you can make any outfit chic.

This look is as easy as 1-2-3.


Step 1:  Fold scarf in half

Step 2: Place over neck

Step 3: Place belt around the waist

And there you have a chic sophisticated look to add spice to you outfit.

~ Sizable Chic