It’s handled! No further explanation needed.

Well, maybe a little, for those who have yet to join the league of gladiators. And I am not talking about a strappy sandal or a strong strapping sweaty man clenching a sword and slaying a beast in an arena for the amusement of others. No I am talking about you – the strong, fearless, fierce being known as “woman” who is reading this post! Unless you have been unplugged from the world or under a rock, you have heard of the hit tv show ScandalIf you have seen it and I bet you have, then you have seen its star command a room just by walking in the door. Yes, her character lures you in but her wardrobe grabs you and you say to yourself, “I want that…”

The problem is you aren’t on a television show and you don’t have a personal stylist pulling the best garments from the best designers for you to make your appearance at the office. No you are wishing and wanting and wondering where it came from, where to buy it, how much it costs. But now you don’t have to wonder anymore. Now you too can look like a modern-day gladiator and all it takes is a trip to your local mall or a click on your computer and you can have pieces inspired by Olivia Pope (the show’s main character).


The Scandal collection at The Limited, captures the essence of Olivia Pope, the no-nonsense woman who slays the opponent with her quick wit and ability to fix any imaginable or unimaginable problem for that matter.  The show’s star, Kerry Washington (aka Olivia) and the show’s costume designer created a line that will allow you to be a “Gladiator in a Suit.” Every piece in the collection even reminds you of this with a little red label inside the garment.

The collection debuted on Tuesday, September 23, 2014 at the Limited nationwide and online. And what better way to introduce it to the masses than to throw a party fit for an A-lister right in the store. I attended and enjoyed snacks, giveaways and of course a swag bag. But the star of the party was the collection itself. From tailored pants to silky blouses, from structured jackets to sultry gloves, there is something for everyone! The palate is muted with some pale pastels in the mix. The line says “I’m in charge,” while accentuating your femininity.

Overall the collection was a nice start and there are plans for a holiday and spring collection.  Prices range from $49 to $228.  See my top 2 looks below and check out the entire collection and other great clothes for the woman-in-charge on The Limited website.

The Limited
Plaid Cape                                                                      The Limited
The Limited
Funnel Neck Tweed Jacket                                                                    The Limited

~ Till next time, fellow gladiators!

Sizable Chic

P.S. My Scandal look will be debuting this season. Stay tuned! 🙂

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