Sizable Chic Eats – Cotton Candy Grapes


Deliciously fun – Cotton Candy Grapes! Yes, they taste like cotton candy.

Ok. So this isn’t about fashion but it is noteworthy and stylish and something I like to call Sizable Chic Eats!

It’s been a long time since I went to the circus or to the fair. Carousels! Haunted houses! That thing that takes you up and drops you down at the speed of lightning! I cried and held my stomach, as my nerves got the best of me and the butterflies fluttered rapidly. I’m getting a sinking feeling just thinking about it. But I loved it…I was excited and scared and still I wanted to do it again and again! There was nothing better than those rides. Well, except maybe the food.

I admit, I tried it all. There was something to discover around every corner.  From piping hot buttered popcorn to golden brown corn dogs, funnel cakes doused in powdered sugar to greasy polish sausage smothered in grilled onions and bell peppers, candied apples and pre historic turkey legs, it was a simpler time when calories didn’t matter and you didn’t worry about the consequences of eating all of that deliciously bad (for you) food! But for me, there is only one sweet confection that evokes whimsical memories of childhood splendor and that is cotton candy!

To this day, I still have a weakness for the fluffy sweetness that melts in your mouth. I can eat the whole bag and almost surely feel guilty for doing so. But not anymore. I can still have my guilty pleasure. Well, sort of. I can get that same great taste in a healthy snack – a grape. Yes, I said it! A grape that boosts the flavor of my favorite treat, a grape that is naturally sweet.  They are called Cotton Candy grapes and you won’t believe it until you taste it. I didn’t.  When I parked in front of Whole Foods and saw the sign,  I couldn’t imagine what this could be. I thought that it might be the brand or that they were balls of cotton candy. I had no idea. But when I popped one in my mouth, my senses went into overload.

Cotton Candy grapes are made by The Grapery, an innovative company making a name for themselves for their designer grapes. This home grown company has other flavors in the works like raspberry lemonade and even has some new shapes with some interesting names. Look for Witch Fingers grapes.

I recommend you try Cotton Candy grapes today, before they’re gone. Once they are, you probably won’t find them again for a year.

– Sizable Chic


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2 thoughts on “Sizable Chic Eats – Cotton Candy Grapes

  1. Thanks Ms.Chic for the info. I must get my hands on some. I feel the same about cotton candy. Can’t resist it. And I love grapes so the thought of combining them is genius. I will give my reviews when I do…


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